Memory 101 for Educators

Memory 101 for Educators

© 2007 | 152 pages | Corwin

"Fresh and inventive."
-Steven Wyborney, Teacher
Nyssa Elementary School, OR

"Readable, academically accurate, and creative."
-Burt Saxon, AP Psychology Teacher
Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT

"Practitioners can use the information easily and effectively."
-Carrie Jane Carpenter, Teacher
Hugh Hartman Middle School, Redmond, OR

You can always remember if you N.E.V.E.R. F.O.R.G.E.T.!

Have you ever forgotten what someone just told you? Have your students ever forgotten to take their books and assignments home with them? Then this book is for you! Memory expert Marilee Sprenger uses the latest research on learning, memory, and the brain to weave a storyteller's spell using two parallel parables: one is a tale of adult educators in a Memory 101 workshop, and the other is a story for the child within us all that includes magical talking elephants, lions, and jungle creatures.

Inside, each chapter provides a specific technique to enhance your memory. You will also find:

  • Proven tips and strategies
  • The latest memory research
  • Graphic organizers and mnemonics
  • Questionnaires and checklists

With this uniquely entertaining and generously illustrated guide, you can learn to strengthen your memory, train your brain, and help your students to do the same.

About the Author
1. Memory 101: Who Took My Memory?
2. N= Notice: Intention Increases Retention
3. E= Emote: Emotion is the Potion
4. V= Visualize: A Picture in Your Mind Creates a Memory You Can Find
5. E=Exercise and Eat Right: Body and Brain are Yours to Train
6. R= Rest: Memories Go Deep When You Get Enough Sleep
7. F= Free Yourself of Stress: Lower Stress for Memory Success
8. O= Organization: Put Information in its Place for a Strong Memory Trace
9. R= Rehearse: Rehearsal’s a Way to Help Memories Stay
10. G= Guard Your Brain: Avoid Some Pain. Protect Your Brain!
11. E= Enrich Your Brain: New Directions Create New Connections
12. T= Teach: Share What You Know and Feel Memories Grow
13. The Reunion

"Practitioners can use the information easily and effectively.  My goal as a teacher is to simplify learning.  This book does that very well."

Carrie Jane Carpenter, Teacher
Hugh Hartman Middle School, Redmond, OR

"Provides excellent examples of remembering a list, mind maps, webs, and other graphic organizers."

Linda Winburn, Teacher
Summit Parkway Middle School, Columbia, SC

"Fresh and inventive.... the author's use of story provides a strong background for understanding important memory issues and strategies, and it also provides a rich context for further growth."

Steven Wyborney, Teacher
Nyssa Elementary School, Nyssa, Oregon

"A `popular' book that will be helpful to educational practitioners as well as to other adults... Readable, academically accurate, and creative."

Burt Saxon, AP Psychology Teacher
Hillhouse High School, New Haven, CT
Key features
  • Memory expert Marilee Sprenger uses two interwoven stories to entertain while she educates readers about how to strengthen memory.
  • Includes mnemonics, questionnaires, graphic organizers, illustrations, and "train your brain" activities for educators and for learners.
  • Based on the latest research on learning, memory, and the brain.  

Sample Materials & Chapters

Sprenger Preface

Sprenger Introduction

Sprenger Ch 1

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