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Math for All (K-2)

Math for All (K-2)
Professional Development Resources for Facilitators

256 pages | Corwin
A mathematics professional development program for inclusive classroomsDeveloped by Bank Street College of Education and the Education Development Center, this comprehensive professional development resource contains all the materials you need to conduct workshops that will show general and special education teachers how to collaborate to provide a high-quality, standards-based mathematics education to all students, including those with disabilities. The materials will deepen the understanding of both the facilitators and of the participants in these workshops. This resource will enable schools and school districts to increase the expertise of their math and special education leaders and provide their own workshops for teachers rather than hire outside consultants to do so. The Math for All learning experiences detailed in the enclosed books and DVDs help teachersAssess students' strengths and needsUse multiple instructional strategies to teach specific math conceptsTailor lessons based on individual students' strengths and needs to help them achieve high-quality learning outcomes in mathematicsThe authors emphasize how the neurodevelopmental demands of a math lesson interact with individual students' strengths and needs. They also provide step-by-step guidance for adapting materials, activities, and instructional strategies to make lessons accessible to all students. This comprehensive resource includes two DVDs: one with PowerPoint presentations and embedded classroom videos, and a second DVD with just the video portion that shows examples of how teachers in GradesáK-2 have made math lessons accessible to studentsùincluding those with physical, learning, and language challenges. Also enclosed is the Math for All Participant Book, which includes the corresponding handouts and reproducibles for the program. Suggested use: Order one comprehensive package for the facilitator plus as many individual Math for All Participant's Books as needed for each individual in your group. Includes: Participant book, FacilitatorÆs Guide, 2 DVDs
About the Authors
Preparing for the Implementation
Workshop 1: Planning Math Lessons That Reach All Learners
Workshop 2: Supporting Language Functions
Workshop 3: Supporting Memory Functions
Workshop 4: Supporting Psychosocial Functions
Workshop 5: Supporting Higher Order Thinking Functions
Next Steps: How to Continue With Math for All After the Workshops End
A. Research Base for the Math for All Program
B. Sample Letter to Workshop Participants
C. Additional Warm-Up Activities
D. Session Feedback Questionnaire

For instructors

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