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Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings

Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings
How to Drive Your Colleagues Happy!

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May 2007 | 224 pages | Corwin

Praise for Looking Forward to Monday Morning:

"If you ever wanted to thank your staff but didn't know how to, this is the book for you. According to Hodges, surveys show that recognition for a job well done ranks higher as a motivational factor than wages and job security. Principals and managers who actively show how much they value their employees build a positive climate that filters down to students. The ideas contained in this book are sure to tickle your staff and build morale."
Principal Magazine, NAESP, Nov/Dec 2005

Praise for Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings:

"My entire philosophy on staff development and motivation has changed since I read this book, which breathed life into my new-found style."
—Dave Woods, Principal, Delhi Middle School, CA

Bring fun and appreciation to every Monday morning and all days of the week!

In this sequel to the best-selling book Looking Forward to Monday Morning, Diane Hodges, a former human resources director and school administrator, shares a new collection of low-cost staff appreciation and recognition activities that school leaders can implement to promote a positive and upbeat work environment.

This uplifting resource for new school leaders or those who want a fresh slate of team-building strategies offers winning activities to use during special school events, staff development meetings, and throughout the workday to easily acknowledge staff members when they do a good job.

Dozens of morale-boosting ideas and suggestions are included for:

  • Rewards for specific behaviors such as attendance, classroom cleanliness, positive attitudes, and school achievement
  • Recognition for groups and individuals
  • New year starters and year-end treats
  • Staff meetings
  • Celebrations, holidays, and winter break

Looking Forward to MORE Monday Mornings offers leaders the opportunity to give hard-working colleagues a well-deserved "pat on the back" while infusing a light-hearted and inspiring climate into any school setting.

Part I. Recognition & Appreciation
1. Recognizing Specific Behaviors
Rewarding Good Behavior  
Attendance - Staff and Parents  
Classroom Cleanliness  
Peer Recognition  
Positive Attitude  
School Achievement  
2. Group Recognition
General Recognition  
Food Rewards  
Symbols of Recognition  
Gifts of Time  
3. Individual Recognition
Special Recognition  
General Recognition  
Written Appreciation  
Part II. Fun Ways to Spend Work Days
4. From the Beginning
New Year Starters  
Choose a Theme  
Get Acquainted Activities  
5. Staff Meetings
Fun-Filled Staff Meetings  
Getting to Know Each Other Better  
Principal-Led Meetings  
6. Through the Day
Food and Fun  
Lunch Bunch  
Just for the FUN of It  
Team Challenges  
For the Health of It!  
7. To the End
End of the Year  
End of the Year Treats  
Part III. Celebrating With Coworkers
8. Caring and Sharing
Administrative Professionals Day  
9. Holiday Happiness
Chinese New Year  
Groundhog Day  
Valentine’s Day  
Mardi Gras Madness  
St. Patrick’s Day  
April Fool’s Day  
Cinco de Mayo  
Fourth of July Celebration  
Labor Day  
Halloween Spooktacular Events  
Winter Holiday Decorating  
Holiday Gifts and Exchanges  
Just for Fun  
10. The 12 Days Before the Holiday/Winter Break
Community Caring Days  
Secret Santa Days  
Group Activities Days  

"My entire philosophy on staff development and motivation has changed since I read this book, which breathed life into my newfound style."

Dave Woods, Principal
Delhi Middle School, CA
Key features
  • Low-cost, fun ideas for staff recognition and boosting morale
  • Suggestions for immediate use in staff areas, meetings, events, and staff development

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