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Learning Challenge Lessons, Elementary

Learning Challenge Lessons, Elementary
20 Lessons to Guide Young Learners Through the Learning Pit

June 2018 | 208 pages | Corwin
List of Figures
The Language of Learning
Part I: Setting the Scene
Chapter 1: Preparing to Use the Lesson Ideas
1.0 Introduction  
1.1 Learning Intentions  
1.2 High Quality Dialogue  
1.3 Exploratory Talk  
1.4 Underpinning Values  
Chapter 2: The Lesson Strategies
2.0 Overview  
2.1 Mysteries  
2.2 Ranking  
2.3 Sorting and Classifying with Venn Diagrams  
2.4 Opinion Lines  
2.5 Opinion Corners  
2.6 Fortune Lines  
2.7 Living Graph  
2.8 Concept Lines  
2.9 Odd One Out  
2.10 Concept Target  
2.11 Collective Memory  
2.12 Concept Corners  
2.13 Thought Map  
2.14 Concept Graph  
Part II: The Lesson Ideas
Lesson 1: A visit to Grandma’s
Lesson 2: Why Explore?
Lesson 3: Who was responsible for Sam ending up in hospital?
Lesson 4: Should you say sorry?
Lesson 5: Does Jake need a shared language at school?
Lesson 6: Good thinking
Lesson 7: Got the time?
Lesson 8: If Ricudo lost his home, would this be the worst thing that is happening in the Amazon Rainforest?
Lesson 9: What is garbage?
Lesson 10: Should Ms. Smith raise money to plant trees?
Lesson 11: Should Theon post that?
Lesson 12: Was Willy Wonka fair?
Lesson 13: What is colour?
Lesson 14: What is cost?
Lesson 15: What is the best sport?
Lesson 16: What is treasure?
Lesson 17: Who is the greatest?
Lesson 18: Is it better to work as a team?
Lesson 19: Does fame make you more important?
Lesson 20: Was Harry Potter the hero of Hogwarts?
Index of Concepts  
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Key features
Teachers will receive:
  • Learning Challenge lessons that are relevant and timely, on topics that interest and engage students
  • Detailed lesson plans and activities for running Learning Challenges in their classroom
  • Full-color activity cards to accompany each lesson

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