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Leading Professional Learning

Leading Professional Learning
Tools to Connect and Empower Teachers

© 2015 | 80 pages | Corwin

Expert strategies for personalized, 21st Century professional learning!

Empower teachers to take ownership of their own professional learning. Recognized EdTech leaders Murray and Zoul guide you step-by-step through the process. Confidently learn to build a values-driven school culture, personalized professional roadmaps, and a collaboration-minded staff. You’ll find concrete examples, leadership profiles, and a wealth of resources to help administrators and teachers:

  • Take ownership of their professional growth
  • Design meaningful learning opportunities
  • Collaborate and learn using technology, blogs, and social media
  • Model and support professional learning for others

Transform teacher learning and see your student achievement soar!

The Corwin Connected Educators series is your key to unlocking the greatest resource available to all educators: other educators. Being a Connected Educator is more than a set of actions: it’s a belief in the potential of technology to fuel lifelong learning. To explore the other books in this series, visit the Corwin Connected Educators website.

Check out the Connected Educator Series matrix to find out which book is right for you.   

"Leading Professional Learning: Tools to Connect and Empower Teachers masterfully connects how and why professional learning for teachers can be transformed. It's an accessible, practical resource that every educator should have in their toolkit."
—Cindy Johanson, Executive Director
Edutopia, George Lucas Educational Foundation

"This is a brief, but powerful, book about making professional learning for teachers more meaningful and personal. Murray and Zoul have identified several important ways to improve how we support our teachers' learning so that they are better equipped to support their students. The book offers practical tips that schools and districts can take and use immediately."
—Todd Whitaker, Professor of Department of Educational Leadership
Indiana State University

Preface by Peter DeWitt
1. A New Vision for Professional Learning
Who Owns the Learning?  
Teachers as Learners and Leaders  
Tool Spotlight: Google Forms for Soliciting Teacher Feedback  
Leadership Profile: Michelle Nebel  
2. Lead Learners Model the Way
The Leadership Gap  
Time: Stop Spending; Start Investing  
Tool Spotlight: Today's Meet  
Blogging to Lead, Blogging to Learn  
Tool Spotlight: Edublogs, Blogger, Wordpress  
Leadership Profile: Jimmy Casas  
3. Personalizing Learning Plans in Action
Empower Staff to Design Their Own Learning  
Designing the Personalized Roadmap  
Expanding Boundaries  
Tool Spotlight: Tweetdeck  
Tool Spotlight: The Official Chat List  
Leadership Profile: Laura Fleming  
4. Developing the 21st Century Professional Learning Mindset
Professional Learning is Collaborative  
Job-Embedded Professional Learning and the Role of Coaching  
Professional Learning Communities  
Professional Learning is Engaging  
Professional Learning is Relevant and On Demand  
Tool Spotlight: Voxer  
Leadership Profile: Tom Whitford  
5. Shifting the Focus Forward
Common Core Shifts Require Shifts in Professional Learning  
From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side to Meddler in the Middle  
A Call to Action  

Murray and Zoul present a refreshingly practical guide for bringing professional learning into the 21st century. In addition to sharing a compelling vision for how technology can supercharge collaboration among educators, they also provide specific approaches and tools so anyone can make the transformation in their own school.

Richard Culatta, Education Innovator

" In this book we learn it is not only possible, but essential for educators to 'own their own learning' when we talk about professional development/growth. Excited to hear concepts proven to work with our students being used with our educators. Great stuff from two awesome educators!"

Daisy Dyer Duerr, Principal
St. Paul Public Schools, St. Paul, AR

"As a teacher, it's refreshing to read a book that describes how districts can transform old-fashioned, one-size-fits-all professional development into differentiated, professional learning experiences that are beneficial for all involved! I sincerely hope that some day soon, all educators are afforded the opportunity to move from 'renting' to 'owning' their professional learning. Empower us to make the right decisions with regard to our professional growth and we will be more invested in learning, taking risks, and expecting the same from our students!"

Paul A. Solarz, 5th Grade Teacher
Westgate Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL

"In this book, Murray & Zoul have crafted a must-have educator guide supporting movement away from conventional one-size professional development and toward 21st Century lifelong personalized learning. Along the reading route, authors point out meaningful professional resources, share compelling anecdotes, and introduce easily accessed and collaborative technologies. Concise, practical, and current! Even a well-connected educator might learn a thing a two!"

Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant & Professional Growth Facilitator

"This book serves as a treasure trove of ideas and resources that can be used at any school. Murray and Zoul focus on empowering teachers with a spotlight on teacher led and designed professional learning opportunities. Any school or district leader that uses these ideas to build their professional learning opportunities will see an enthusiastic and fruitful response from their teachers."

Jason Markey, High School Principal
East Leyden High School, Franklin Park, IL
Key features
  • This book will help school leaders personalize PD for their teachers
  • Teachers will be empowered to take more leadership in their PD and therefore be able to design more meaningful learning experiences for themselves
  • The authors give leaders and teachers a plethora of PD resources
  • They will also feature stories from other educators who have personalized PD

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