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Inclusion Coaching for Collaborative Schools

Inclusion Coaching for Collaborative Schools

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May 2013 | 216 pages | Corwin
You know the benefits of inclusion, and your colleagues know that you're the go-to expert when they need assistance with school and classroom implementation.

Now you can take your advocacy to the next level with inclusion coaching. Inclusion works best when all team players contribute, and as coach, you'll provide the leadership your school needs to follow through on its mission in a truly collaborative way.

Just as instructional coaches help teachers improve their practice and hone their skills, you'll guide your school team in applying the very best inclusion strategies for achieving quantifiable results. Toby Karten's how-to guide will help you:

- Establish your own coaching baselines

- Introduce research-based strategies for lesson planning, instruction, and recording data

- Engage staff in reflective and collaborative inclusion practices

- Manage challenges, including scheduling and co-teaching responsibilities

With timelines, planning sheets, surveys, frameworks, curriculum examples, and other practical tools, this hands-on guide is the essential resource for the newly minted inclusion coach.

About the Author
Part I: Collaborative Inclusion Knowledge
Chapter 1. The Students
Chapter 2. Inclusion Coaching Roles and Partnerships
Chapter 3. Connecting the Rules to Inclusion Coaching Strategies
Part II: Establishing Inclusion Coaching Baselines
Chapter 4. Beginning Steps of an Inclusion Coaching Program
Chapter 5. Adaptations, Skills, and Differentiation
Chapter 6. Curriculum Planning
Part III: Strengths and Challenges of Inclusion
Chapter 7. Inclusion Matters
Chapter 8. Organization and Communication
Chapter 9. Inclusion Lenses
Chapter 10. Taking the Inclusion Walk: Instruction, Data, and Assessments
Part IV: Professional Development
Chapter 11. Framing Inclusion
Chapter 12. Collaborative Interdependent Inclusion Skills
Part V: Inclusion Coaching Realities
Chapter 13. Response to Inclusion Interventions
Chapter 14. Relating to Educators
Chapter 15. Embracing Achievements

"Inclusion is more than just placing students with needs into regular education classrooms. This book is the necessary piece to including all students successfully in the learning and living classroom. The information, planning, and questioning will help all schools develop the tools necessary to reach all students."

Karen Kozy-Landress, Speech/Language Pathologist
MILA Elementary School, Merritt Island, FL

"This is the first time I have seen a book about actually coaching principals, teacher leaders and others to become coaches of co-teaching. Great idea. Excellent addition to the field. The author has excellent first-hand experiences with co-teaching information."

Carol Spencer, Director of Curriculum
Addison Northwest Supervisory Union, Vergennes, VT

"The fact that this book emphasizes coaching is what makes it different. Coaching is the buzz right now in education and the book's focus on coaching makes it unique."

Kelli S. Kercher, Special Education Team Leader
Murray School District, West Murray, UT

"This book rocks!!! Easy to use strategies so inclusion can rock anywhere."

Andrea Hume, Special Education Teacher
Oakdale School, Dedham, MA
Key features


  • Provides a foundation of knowledge about learners with special needs and addresses the key strengths and challenges of inclusion
  • Provides guidance on establishing baselines, appraising inclusion gaps and ambiguities, and identifying 21st century inclusion competencies
  • Includes illustrative professional staff development and coaching scenarios
  • Offers annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily curriculum plans that incorporate inclusion strategies
  • Provides guidance on aligning the relevant curriculum plans with core curriculum state standards and coordinating lessons between districts, schools, classes, and students
  • Presents options for organizing curriculum delivery in whole class and small group settings, as well as with individual students
  • Includes suggestions for prompting reflection and creating meaningful assessments and evaluations
  • Guides educators through the process of reasoning and inferring beyond the data and duplicating their successes

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: The Students

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