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Impact Coaches are critical to the successful implementation of Visible Learningplus. The Impact Coach’s role is one of building school and system capability, ensuring effective changes are implemented within schools, supporting longer-term sustainability, and ensuring rigorous and ongoing evaluation. Impact Coaches support school leaders and classroom teachers as they collect and analyze evidence and implement Visible Learning practices.

Visible Learningplus consultants will train and support Impact Coaches through seminars, observation, and one-on-one coaching. Below are the sessions used to train Impact Coaches to support your school's Visible Learning journey. 

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The Impact Coaching Workshops


Impact Coach Day I


Impact Coaches will begin by building a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of John Hattie’s research and the principles of Visible Learning and teaching. They will then learn to work collaboratively with school and system leaders in order to establish and implement plans to collect, collate, and analyze evidence to inform the school’s Visible Learning action plan.


Impact Coach Day II

During their second Impact Coach seminar, Impact Coaches will establish Visible Learning action plans focused on building the internal capacity of the schools to improve student achievement. They will learn to provide professional learning, advice, and support to leaders and teachers and guide the implementation of Visible Learning plans, including regular monitoring, reviewing, and reporting on impact to identify key areas of need.


Impact Coach Day III

In their last Impact Coach seminar, Impact Coaches will review the results of evaluation and monitoring with the Visible Learning team and work collaboratively with leadership to ensure that Visible Learning practices are in place. They will learn to provide ongoing feedback and professional development to school staff, use the Classroom Observation Tool (COT) and train leaders in the use of the tool, and support change moving forward by establishing a cycle of evidence-gathering.