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When you work with Corwin, you gain a strategic partner committed to building your school or district’s capacity for long-term, measurable, sustainable improvement. Every partnership with Corwin receives a client success team dedicated to promoting a successful learning experience.

We provide and facilitate:

  • A dedicated Corwin consultant for everything your school and district needs,
  • Continuous, seamless communication between you and your Corwin team — a tight feedback loop that monitors progress and keeps your PD implementation moving along,
  • Customized implementation and coaching support services, based on your feedback, along all the touchpoints of the engagement.

What This Looks Like: Our Client Support Model

We know you need to be smart about your budget and ensure that your PD dollars create the impact you are seeking to make. Our client support team works hand in hand with you to monitor your progress and provide support throughout your relationship with Corwin.

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