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How to Survive and Thrive in the First Three Weeks of School

How to Survive and Thrive in the First Three Weeks of School

March 2006 | 256 pages | Corwin

Master the 3 + 3 = 33 equation for successful first days at school-at any grade level!

Research shows that time invested during the first three weeks of school to teach Routines, Rubrics, and Rules-the three R's-leads to higher student achievement throughout the remaining 33 weeks of school, or 3 + 3 = 33.

This wonderfully practical and effective new book from bestselling author Elaine McEwan will help any teacher through those critical weeks and show how truly "with-it" teachers (WITs) can manage more easily the three critical facets of every teacher's day: classroom management and organization, student engagement, and time management.

WITs from K-12 classrooms share their specific personal routines, rubrics and rules to help you survive and thrive in those first three weeks of school, including

  • Designing and organizing your classroom to support learning
  • Teaching routines, rubrics, and rules to maximize learning time
  • Creating organizational, academic, and social routines
  • Choosing rules and rewards to build character and motivation
  • Using the "With-It" teacher list, including attention-getters, noise-breakers, timesavers, routines, and homework helpers

With the power of 3 + 3 = 33, and the secrets of WITs, you can chart a sure-footed course for those all-important first weeks of school, and help guide your students successfully through the school year! 

The Goal of This Book: With-It-Ness for All Teachers  
Who This Book Is For  
What With-It-Ness Is Not  
Overview of the Contents  
Special Features of This Book  
About the Author
The “Big Idea” of 3 + 3 = 33  
How to “Coach” Motivated and Attentive Students  
The Research Support for 3 +3 = 33  
Definitions You Need to Know  
How the With-It Teachers Were Identified  
How With-It Teachers Teach  
Acronyms You Need to Know  
What’s Ahead?  
1. Creating Spaces for Teaching and Learning
The Challenges of Creating a Supportive Learning Environment  
How to Allocate, Arrange, and Use Classroom Space  
How, Where, and With Whom Your Students Sit  
With-It Teachers’ Roundtable: Classroom Seating  
What’s Ahead?  
2. Creating Walls That Work
With-It Teachers Roundtable: Using Your Walls Wisely  
How With-It Teachers Use Their Walls to Support Learning  
What’s Ahead?  
3. How to Teach the 3Rs: Routines, Rubrics, and Rules
How to Maximize Academic Learning Time  
How to Become a With-It Teacher  
How With-It Teachers Teach the 3Rs  
With-It Teachers' Roundtable: Teaching the 3Rs  
How With-It Teacher Choose Their Teaching Models  
How With-It Teachers Use the Teaching Moves  
What’s Ahead?  
4. Routines That Develop Self-Discipline
Organizational Routines  
With-It Teachers' Roundtable: Organizational Routines  
Academic Routines  
Social Routines  
What’s Ahead?  
5. Rubrics That Raise Expectations and Achievement
What Is a Rubric?  
What Is a Checklist?  
What Is a Rating Scale?  
How With-It Teachers Use Rubrics  
How With-It Teachers Use Checklists  
How With-It Teachers Use Rating Scales  
Using a Rubric, Checklist, or Rating Scale to Motivate Student Performance  
What’s Ahead?  
6. Rules and Rewards That Build Character and Motivation
The Challenge of Choosing the Third R: Rules (and Rewards)  
The Basics Approaches to Discipline  
What Works and What Doesn’t?  
With-It Teachers Roundtable: Rules and Rewards  
What’s Ahead?  
7. How to Develop a 3 + 3 = 33 Plan
Step 1: Get Organized  
Step 2: Answer Questions and Write a Reflective Essay  
Step 3: Arrange Your Space and Choose a Seating Plan  
Step 4: Design Your Walls  
Step 5: Choose and Analyze Your Routines, Rubrics, and Rules  
Step 6: Develop Lesson Plans  
Step 7: Write a Detailed Lesson Plan for the First Day of School  
What’s Ahead?  
Resource A: With-It Teacher’s List
Attention Getters for Off-Task Students  
Attention Getters for Whole Group Instruction  
Bulletin Board List  
Ways to Check for Understanding  
Homework Helpers for Upper Grade and Secondary Teachers  
Noise Breakers  
Signals That Silence Students  
Time-Savers for Every Teacher  
Time-Savers for Elementary Teachers  
Time-Savers for Secondary Teachers  
Organizational Routines for Elementary Teachers  
Organizational Routines for Secondary Teachers  
Rewards (Tangible But Not Edible)  
Rewards (Intangible)  
Rewards (Low-Sugar or No-Sugar Treats)  
Social Routines  
Resource B: With-It Teacher Questionnaire
Directions for Completing the Questionnaire  
Resource C: Respondents

“This book could be the primary resource for teacher induction programs or the book study of choice for mentoring programs! It makes a distinct contribution to the field of education and to the art of teaching.”

Roxie Ahlbrecht, Second-Grade Teacher
Robert Frost Elementary School, Sioux Falls, SD
Key features
  • Market to new teachers and pre-service programs for teachers
  • Should be an exceptional seller for the Sales Group to promote
  • Great choice or alternate choice for the Beginning Teacher Kit
  • Journal ads a possibility for JTE


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