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How Leadership Works

How Leadership Works
A Playbook for Instructional Leaders

Sketchnotes by Taryl Hansen

April 2022 | 200 pages | Corwin

Sharpen your instructional leadership skills and guide your school toward equity and excellence for all.

Just think about how great schools could be if every instructional leader exercised their influence to create change—maximizing the efforts of others and mobilizing those efforts to work toward a shared goal.

How Leadership Works: A Playbook for Instructional Leaders walks educators through the processes of clarifying, articulating, and actualizing instructional leadership goals with the aim of delivering on the promise of equity and excellence for all. Grounded in Visible Learning® research, the exercises in this easy-to-use playbook illuminate the essential mindframes necessary for effective instructional leadership and prompt veteran, new, and aspiring educators to identify challenges and determine next steps. It includes:

  • Ten essential mindframes for leaders, together with the leadership practices that illustrate each mindframe in action
  • Teaching practices, such as teacher clarity or student engagement in learning, that support teachers in delivering quality instruction, along with tools to document the impact of those practices on learning
  • Strategies for leading learning, including establishing school culture, utilizing feedback, and supporting professional learning communities as a pathway to building collective teacher efficacy.
  • Tools for applying the principles of change, conducting an initiative inventory, and implementing and de-implementing initiatives

Exercise-by-exercise, educators and front office staff will deepen their knowledge, frame their priorities and practices, and gain new tools for supporting the instructional focus and initiatives designed to support learning at your school.

Module 1: Mindframes for Leaders
The Work Ahead - Part 1: Leading Teachers
Module 2: Demonstrate Instructional Leadership
Module 3: Support Teacher Clarity and Promote Student Engagement
Module 4: Investigate the Impact of Teaching
The Work Ahead - Part 2: Leading Learning
Module 5: Build a Learning-focused School Climate
Module 6: Empower Professional Learning Communities
Module 7: Ensure Growth-oriented Feedback
The Work Ahead - Part 3: Leading Change
Module 8: Manage and Lead Change
Module 9: Engage in De-Implementation
Module 10: Utilize Implementation Science
The Work Ahead

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