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Health Problems in the Classroom 6-12

Health Problems in the Classroom 6-12
An A-Z Reference Guide for Educators

June 2003 | 480 pages | Corwin
This book is comprehensive reference to common health problems, chronic illnesses, and disabilities that classroom teachers, teaching assistnats, school administrators, and guidance counsellors encounter in middle schools and secondary schools. An A-Z guide identifies 150 health problems, including chronic diseases, sports injuries, eating disorders, allergies, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, depression, suicide, and many more. Each topic provides a description, primary groups affected, signs and symptoms, classroom guidelines, attendance guidelines, medications, communication topics for parents and caregivers, and authoritative resources for further information.

About the Authors
I. Health Issues in the Classroom
1. Health, Illness, and Disability During Adolescence
2. Family and Community Issues
3. Stigma and Self-Esteem
II. Health Problems A-Z (150 topics)
III. Policies and Procedures
A. Handwashing
B. Bleeding
C. Care of Casts
D. Care of Tracheotomy
E. Tube Feedings
F. Medical Emergencies
G. Pets in the Classroom
H. Testicular Self-Exam
I. Skin Cancer Prevention
J. Immunizations
K. EpiPen
Key features
  • Provides at-a-glance medical information about 150 illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions that affect adolescents in middle schools and high schools, providing details about signs and symptoms, primary groups affected, classroom guidelines, attendance guidelines, medications, and communication topics to discuss with parents and caregivers.
  • Detailed coverage of sports injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, dating violence, and other topics relevant to teens.
  • Details specific procedures for dealing with handwashing, minor cuts, medical emergencies, casts, tube feedings, tracheostomy, pet-related illnesses, immunizations, and using EpiPen for allergic shock.
  • 911 features alert the teacher to conditions that may involve life threatening situations and medical emergencies.
  • Comprehensive chapters cover injury, accidents, hospitalization, depression and suicide, divorce and blended families, family violence, school violence, homelessness, stigma, sexual and gender identity, and student self-esteem.

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