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Group Activities to Include Students With Special Needs

Group Activities to Include Students With Special Needs
Developing Social Interactive Skills

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September 2000 | 240 pages | Corwin
Finally – a field-tested activity guide to enhance group communication! Encourage your students to develop crucial social skills with this field-tested activity guide. This hands-on resource offers 120 group activities emphasizing participation, cooperation, teamwork, mutual support, and improved self-esteem. This practical guide provides instant activities that can be used without preparation and incorporated into the daily routine with ease and confidence. Classroom games, gym and outdoor games, and ball games are designed to help your students gain the valuable skills they need to interact appropriately within the school setting. More than half of the activities are illustrated and all are divided into two easily identified levels to make this a quick and easy reference for teachers: - Level I – non-verbal students who can handle one to two-step directions with assistance - Level II – students who can handle multiple-step directions with minimal assistance This guide provides teachers with easily referenced tools for any situation and skill level, including skill development categories and icons showing which abilities are needed for each activity. It is an essential resource for both new and veteran teachers of students with special needs.

Part 1: Classroom Games
1. Classroom Games: Level 1 Activities
2. Classroom Games: Level 2 Activities
Part II: Gym and Outdoor Games
3. Gym and Outdoor Games: Level 1 Activities
4. Gym and Outdoor Games: Level 2 Activities
Part III: Ball Games
5. Ball Games: Level 1 Activities
6. Ball Games: Level 2 Activities

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