50 Proven Strategies for Successful School Fundraisers

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"Focuses on fundraising the easy way! I definitely recommend that every school facing financial difficulties or just wanting to add to their school resources purchase this book."
—Joen Painter, Education Consultant

"A wonderful resource. The author covers all aspects of effective fundraising, provides practical advice, and identifies precautions that should be taken to make fundraising successful. This book makes fundraising beneficial for schools and adds a level of enjoyment to the planning, implementation, and positive results."
—Gerard A. Dery, Director, Zone 1
National Association of Elementary School Principals

"Even for school administrators who have been involved in many fundraisers over the years, there is always a need for fresh ideas and new approaches. Having a resource such as this book for a PTO to review could lead to new synergy around a reinvigorated fundraiser."
—Bonnie Tryon, Principal
Golding Elementary School, Cobleskill, NY

Creative new approaches and clever twists on classic fundraising events!

The author presents an abundance of creative and cost-effective fundraising strategies designed to engage the community and bring in significant dollars. Offering real-life examples of administrators, teachers, parents, students, and local supporters who have pulled off popular and lucrative fundraisers in schools across the country, this book:

  • Provides savvy organizing tips
  • Offers guidance on ethical issues
  • Gives advice for avoiding fundraising mishaps
  • Contains lists of potential outside partners and sponsors
  • Includes resources about online fundraising and grantwriting

If you want to host events that raise spirits along with money and if you want to look back at your school's revenue-raising efforts with pride rather than relief that they're over, then this may be the book you've been waiting for!

Author?s Note
About the Author
Introduction: Put the Fun Back in School FUNdraising
A Tale of Two Pledge Drives  
A FUNdraising Manifesto  
Part I. Stage Setters: Cornerstones of Successful Fundraising Campaigns
1. Exploring Ethics: Consider These Issues Before Launching a FUNdraiser
2. Don?t Try This at School: Avoid These Fundraising Mishaps
3. Clicking for Cash: Crawl the Web for Delighted Donors
4. The Publicity Payoff: How to Generate Positive Press for Your FUNdraiser
Part II. 50 FUNdraising Ideas: Rake in the Bucks With These Creative Concepts
5. Excellent Extravaganzas
No. 1. "Educational Film Festival." Screen a series of unintentionally hilarious educational movies from bygone eras  
No. 2. ?Inspiring Expositions.? Put on an inspiration expo replete with local experts on fascinating subjects  
No. 3. ?Auctioning Experiences.? Build buzz for silent and live auctions by letting folks bid on amazing outings  
No. 4. ?Double the Auction Fun.? When a bidder wins the hottest auction item, wow the crowd by putting an extra one up for sale  
No. 5. ?Housing Markets.? Host home tours with a twist  
No. 6. ?Pampering Moms.? Give the women of the school community a well-deserved break for fun and games  
No. 7. ?Digging for Diamonds.? A sandbox full of jewelry makes for glitzy, gritty fun  
No. 8. ?Tea Partying.? Leaf through these rich and tasty themes  
No. 9. ?Dance Fever.? Relive high school memories with an adult prom  
No. 10. ?The Pour House.? Raise a glass for students at a wine tasting  
No. 11. ?Daring to Sing.? Tune into a karaoke challenge  
No. 12. ?Treasure Hunting.? Send donors off on a wild scavenger hunt  
6. Starring Students
No. 13. ?Spellbinding Solicitations.? Host a student spell-a-thon or ?celebrity? spelling bee  
No. 14. ?Paging Profits.? Uncover nifty ways to jazz up your book fair  
No. 15. ?Model Behavior.? Put on a stylish school fashion show  
No. 16. ?Record-Setting Haul.? Enlist students to set a world record  
No. 17. ?Freeform Fundraising.? Maximize student participation with a ?do-your-own-thing-a-thon?  
7. Sporting Chances
No. 18. ?Tee Time.? Drive up receipts with a variation on the classic golf tournament  
No. 19. ?Drop the Balls.? When numbered golf balls fall ffom the sky, schools win  
No. 20. ?Hoop Dreaming.? Score with a three-on-three basketball tournament  
No. 21. ?Mascot Madness.? Have a field day with the district?s costumed characters  
8. Artistic Attractions
No. 22. ?Appraising Treasures.? Throw an ?antiques roadshow?-style event at which people can pay to have cherished heirlooms appraised  
No. 23. ?Picture This.? Target discerning donors with a student art show and sale  
No. 24. ?Chair-Itable Artworks.? Auction furniture painted by students and other local artists  
No. 25. ?Feeling Scrappy.? Make memories?and money?with a school scrapbooking night  
No. 26. ?Playing Around.? Delight young and old by auctioning off fancy playhouses  
No. 27. ?Throwing a Disc.? Record and sell instant CDs of musical performances  
No. 28. ?Band on the Run.? Set up musical performances where people will least expect them  
9. Animal Antics
No. 29. ?Flamingo Flocking.? Plant plastic pink flamingoes in the yards of unsuspecting victims?for a price  
No. 30. ?Living the Wild Life.? Enchant the community by displaying whimsical animal sculptures all over town  
No. 31. ?Circus Maximus.? Invite the big top to town to perform for your school  
No. 32. ?Pet Smart.? Host a dog- and cat-friendly celebration  
No. 33. ?Hitting the Spot.? Play cow, horse, or chicken bingo to enjoy the smell of money  
10. Service Smiles
No. 34. ?Recycling Revenues.? Bag profits by providing specialty recycling services to the community  
No. 35. ?Cleaning Up.? Pitch in around town on yard work and chores for a fee  
No. 36. ?Baby Booming.? Brand your school as the go-to spot for childcare during citywide events  
No. 37. ?Classic Car Carwash.? Buff up the standard car wash by catering to sweet rides  
No. 38. ?Send in the Dads.? Enlist fathers and other men in the school community to team up for a memorable event  
No. 39. ?Celebrity Service.? Enlist prominent locals and district employees to serve meals at a restaurant?s school night  
No. 40. ?Giving Directions.? Hire out teens and adults to flag shoppers into stores  
11. Seasonal Successes
No. 41. ?Scare Up a Maze.? Find money by losing visitors in a haunted halloween maze  
No. 42. ?Seasonal Singing.? Get into the holiday spirit by booking groups of carolers all over town  
No. 43. ?Gingerbread Housing.? Tempt holiday revelers with a parade of deliciously decorated homes  
No. 44. ?Polar Plunge.? Heat up donations by dunking local notables in cold water  
12. Cash Collecting
No. 45. ?A Home Run.? Raffle off a dream house to make your fundraising dreams come true  
No. 46. ?Naming Games.? Sell naming rights to small school projects and reap big windfalls  
No. 47. ?Give ?Em the Boot.? Enlist crossing guards and other members of the school community to ask passing motorists to drop donations into an outstretched boot  
No. 48. ?Fee Parking.? Allow teens to personalize school parking spaces for an annual surcharge  
No. 49. ?Your Money or Your Time.? Offer community members multiple ways to give  
No. 50. ?Stunts Doubling.? Cap off a successful fundraising effort by performing a silly stunt  

"An excellent, basic handbook offering new approaches to traditional fundraising efforts. Here's a list of action-packed options that schools and educators will appreciate."

The Bookwatch, March 2008
Midwest Book Review
Key features

This invaluable guidebook contains:

  • Creative and cost-effective fundraising strategies that have worked around the country
  • Guidance on ethical issues
  • Tools and checklists
  • Advice for avoiding fundraising mishaps
  • Online resources for fundraising and grantwriting

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