From Staff Room to Classroom
Updated Edition of Bestseller

From Staff Room to Classroom
A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Development

Second Edition

April 2017 | 200 pages | Corwin

The tips and tricks you need to know to make transfer happen!

We know that the most expensive in-service is the one that teachers do not apply in the classroom. From Staff Room to Classroom offers district-level leaders, staff developers, and instructional coaches sure-fire tools and strategies for delivering professional learning that answers the question, “How can I use this in my classroom?” This resource provides comprehensive, indispensable guidance on: 

  • Effectively reaching and teaching adult learners by understanding their motivations, dispositions, and preferences 
  • The six levels of transfer and seven bridging strategies for supporting teachers as they apply content learned in PD to their classrooms and student interactions
  • Updating professional learning to include technological developments and blended solutions
  • Differentiating PD cross-generationally to promote reflective processing

Instill effective professional development with this guide to raise the rigor of instruction in the classroom and change the culture of your building.

"In From Staff Room to Classroom, Fogarty and Pete take us into their world of improving schools through professional development. The authors are very experienced and thoroughly grounded, high-level practitioners in their specialty.”
—Bruce Joyce, Author of Realizing the Promise of 21st-Century Education

Publisher’s Acknowledgments  
About the Authors
A Look at the Book  
A Peek at the Chapter Highlights  
An Invitation  
1. A Guide to the Change Process
The Change Process  
Tools to Use  
2. A Guide to the Adult Learner
The Adult Learner  
A Look at the Generations of Learners in the Staff Room  
Tools to Use  
3. A Guide to Site-Based Professional Development
Evolution of Professional Development  
Tools to Use  
4. A Guide to the Role of Designing Professional Learning
Designing Role  
Three Essential Elements  
Tools to Use  
5. A Guide to the Role of Presenting Professional Learning Experiences
The Presenting Role  
Tools to Use  
6. A Guide to the Role of Facilitating Professional Learning
The Facilitating Role  
Tools to Use  
7. A Guide to the Role of Coaching Professional Learning
The Coaching Role  
Tools to Use  
8. A Guide to the Anatomy of a Workshop
The Training Model That Works  
Steps to Peer Coaching Models  
A Classic Example of Expert Coaching  
Tools to Use  
Key features
    • Identifies key roles and stages for  professional development
    • Aligns with the needs of adult learners
    • Key resource for site-based, job-embedded professional learning
    • This edition addresses contemporary developments such as technology/blended learning, differentiation PD by  generational status,  and Standards for Professional Learning

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