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Formative Assessment Strategies for Mathematics Success eCourse

Formative Assessment Strategies for Mathematics Success eCourse
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Discover the Power of Formative Assessment — And Position Your Students for Math Success!

Assessing where your students stand isn’t an “add-on” to a successful mathematics teaching routine, it’s an absolutely essential component of how you plan, execute and adapt your teaching methods.

In this engaging eCourse based on the bestselling book, The Formative 5, you’ll gain the expertise you need to make formative assessment an integral part of your daily teaching and your students’ long-term success. Work at your own pace through the nine modules to:

  • Discover the five most effective, classroom-tested assessment techniques: Observations, Interviews, “Show Me,” Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks
  • Explore how to seamlessly combine assessment techniques, allowing you to enhance the benefits of each
  • See exactly how formative assessment works in the classroom, through videos offering a valuable perspective on how the “formative five” can transform the way you teach
  • Get hands-on with the included planning exercises that give you practical experience you’ll apply directly in your classroom

Videos, embedded eBook content, templates and interactive tools bring each module to life, offering you a structured design that aligns with professional-development best practices and supports your learning at every step.

Start The Formative 5 eCourse today, and see how quickly your new formative assessment skills can make a difference for you and your students.

This course may be taken by individuals as a self-paced, independent study, or by groups of educators as part of a school or district cohort.

Module 1: Formative Assessment: Considerations and Opportunities
Module 2: Observations
Module 3: Interviews
Module 4: Show Me
Module 5: Putting It Together: Observing, Interviewing, and Using Show Me
Module 6: Hinge Questions
Module 7: Exit Tasks
Module 8: Putting It Together: Hinge Questions and Exit Tasks
Module 9: Putting It Together: Observations, Interviews, Show Me, Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks

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