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Close and Critical Reading

with Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

Are your students disengaged with class readings?  Is their comprehension poor, even after they've struggled through it? Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey's Close & Critical Reading workshops set students on a path to independent lifelong reading by helping us understand what quality reading instruction really looks like.

In these workshops you will learn how to choose appropriate texts to develop skillful, confident, and engaged readers;  learn how the gradual release of responsibility framework helps students become increasingly independent; and learn how to effectively implement close reading through the use of well-selected, short, complex passages, repeated readings, annotations, and collaborative conversations shaped by text-dependent questions. You will also learn how to formatively assess students based on the artifacts created during reading instruction. Learn how to use this process to engage students and build their confidence as they become increasingly competent and independent.



Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey know first-hand the many struggles facing schools across the country. After 41 combined years of K–12 public school teaching, as well as teaching college students at San Diego State University, Douglas and Nancy co-founded HSHMC, where they work full time as teachers and leaders.




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