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Close and Critical Reading

with Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

Follow the lead of other districts and invite Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and their collaborative to deliver long-term customized professional development. 

Douglas and Nancy know first-hand the many struggles facing schools across the country. After 41 combined years of K–12 public school teaching, as well as teaching college students at San Diego State University, Douglas and Nancy co-founded Health Sciences High & Middle College (HSHMC), where they work full time as teachers and leaders.

Douglas and Nancy will take your teachers through a process of understanding, practicing, and implementing the elements of successful close and critical reading instruction, the very same process they use across their curriculum at HSHMC with outstanding results. This process includes how to:

  • Select appropriate complex text for your students
  • Focus instruction
  • Scaffold reading instruction
  • Implement close reading
  • Practice collaborative conversations
  • Formulate and use text-dependent questions, which include:
  • Literal Level Questions
  • Structural Level Questions
  • Inferential Level Questions
  • Action-oriented Tasks
  • Use formative assessment to make sound instructional decisions



Kick-Off Institutes: Administrators and teachers establish a shared vision and language

On-Site Workshops: Intensive, strategy-based learning builds instructional capacity

Implementation Days: Ongoing job-embedded coaching ensures sustainability

Close & Critical Reading PD Resource Center: One of a kind coaching platform for yearlong sustained learning



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