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Financial Mastery for the Career Teacher

Financial Mastery for the Career Teacher

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April 2010 | 192 pages | Corwin
Teaching has many rewards, including the opportunity to change young people's lives and make a meaningful difference in a community every day. However, despite the important work they do, teachers often find themselves struggling to survive on a teaching salary.

Written by certified financial advisor and award-winning speaker Gene Siciliano, Financial Mastery for the Career Teacher is a comprehensive yet concise primer for educators balancing modest salaries with skyrocketing expenses in challenging economic times. The author covers the personal finance questions and concerns that all educators face, including:

- Providing for a family on a teacher's salary

- Making every dollar stretch

- Buying a home

- Managing debt

- Planning for retirement

- Understanding and purchasing insurance

- Investing in the stock market or real estate

- Taxes and tax planning.

About the Author
1. Why This Book Was Written and Why You Should Read It
2. Your Personal Business Plan: The Master Road Map
Setting Goals

Creating Your Family Budget

3. Managing Your Paycheck: The Source
Setting Up Your Payroll Deductions

Spending Less Than You Earn: Ideas for Stretching Your Dollars!

What to Do With That Annual Bonus

4. Family Finances: Taking Care of the Family's Wish List
College Financial Planning

Life Insurance for the Kids?

Vacation Financing

5. Managing Debt: When You Have Too Much of a Good Thing
Debt Can Stress Your Marriage to the Breaking Point

Credit Cards: Huge Differences Exist Just Beneath the Surface

Getting Help Before It's Too Late: Debt Counseling Services

6. Insurance: Just in Case
Life Insurance

Health Insurance: Staying Healthy

Disability Insurance: In Case Something Breaks

Long-Term Care Insurance: For the Later Years

7. Savings Accounts for Your Cash
The Value of Saving Early: The Power of Compound Interest

How Much Cash Can You Save?

The Rainy-Day Fund

Savings Accounts

Money Market Funds

Certificates of Deposit

8. Buying a Home: Realizing the American Dream
How Much Home Can You Afford?

First Mortgage, Second Mortgage, Equity Credit Lines: The Language of Real Estate Finance

Balloon Payments: A Funny Name for a Not-So-Funny Event

The Home Equity Line of Credit

Structuring Your Payments: Taxes, Insurance, and Impounds

Refinancing for Cash-Out, for Lower Rates, for Better Terms

Teaser Rates, Interest Only, Negative Amortization, and Other Financial Land Mines

Final Thoughts on Home Ownership

9. The Stock Market: All About Bulls and Bears
Risk Tolerance: Where You Are in Your Life and How Securities Fit Into It

How Much Pain Will You Accept Along the Way?

Investing Strategies Overview

Types of Companies You Might Choose to Invest In

10. Other Ways to Own Companies (Besides Starting Your Own)
Other Equity Choices

Bonds: The Safety of Fixed Income

Buy, Sell, or Hold? How to Decide When and How Much

Your Personal Investment Policy

11. Buying Investment Real Estate
Your Home Comes First

So Many Choices, So Little Time

The Nature of the Investment and the Returns You Might Expect

The Power of Leverage

Shared Investment Methods

Your Tax Dollars at Work

If You Want to Know More

12. Taxes and Tax Planning: Keeping All You Legally Can
Income Taxes: Federal, State, Local

Tax Planning Strategies

Property Tax: Real and Personal

Filing Tax Returns: Don't Do It Yourself!

Getting Help: A CPA or Tax Preparer

Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit

13. Technology That Can Help You
Personal Bookkeeping Software

Online Banking

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

14. Retirement Planning: So You Can Live Well for 100 Years
A Checklist for Those in Midcareer

Assessing Your Postretirement Needs

The Home Mortgage Monkey

When to Sign Up for Social Security

Getting Help: The Financial Planner

15. Wills and Trusts
Your Will: Your Last Opportunity to Have It Your Way

Trusts: Making Decisions Now That Provide Long-Term Benefits

16. Final Thoughts

"I wish I’d had this book when I began my teaching career many years ago. It is written in a practical, easy-to-understand format with multiple examples and recommendations. This book should be given to every new teacher as soon as they sign their teaching contract. While it is written specifically for teachers, I think everyone could benefit from the author’s knowledge."

Cathy D. Hicks, Induction Program Director
San Dieguito Union High School District, Encinitas, CA

"Siciliano’s gem of a book is crammed with sage financial advice on topics as far-ranging as budgets and financial goal setting, estate planning, and tips on playing the stock market. Siciliano really knows his stuff, and he writes with such calm, good-natured authority on the full range of financial topics, in a style that is so relaxed and easy going, that you can’t help but feel that you are getting top-notch financial advice from a favorite uncle. He reminds us that we need to approach financial planning the way we approach teaching: clear-eyed, armed with facts, and with our eyes on the prize."

Janet Carroll, District Principal of Human Resources
Chilliwack School District and CSD Mentor Program, BC, Canada
Key features
  • Answers to a wide range of financial questions from educators
  • Step-by-step guidance in complicated financial areas, such as choosing a suitable investment strategy, purcharsing a home or car, and more
  • General descriptions of the ins and outs of investments such as buying securities
  • Resources for personal research via the Internet and books
  • Charts, graphs, and tables that illustrate the book's key points
  • A "take-away" message and brief summary within each chapter

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