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Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Grades K-8

Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, Grades K-8
Moving Beyond Basic Facts and Memorization

March 2021 | 264 pages | Corwin

Teach your students to become decision makers who rely on their own mathematical thinking.

Fluency in mathematics is more than adeptly using basic facts or implementing algorithms. Real fluency involves reasoning and creativity, and it varies by the situation at hand.

Figuring Out Fluency in Mathematics Teaching and Learning offers educators the inspiration to develop a deeper understanding of procedural fluency, along with a plethora of pragmatic tools for shifting classrooms toward a fluency approach. In a friendly and accessible style, this hands-on guide empowers educators to support students in acquiring the repertoire of reasoning strategies necessary to becoming versatile and nimble mathematical thinkers. It includes:

  •  “Seven Significant Strategies” to teach to students as they work toward procedural fluency.
  •  Activities, fluency routines, and games that encourage learning the efficiency, flexibility, and accuracy essential to real fluency.
  • Reflection questions, connections to mathematical standards, and techniques for assessing all components of fluency.
  • Suggestions for engaging families in understanding and supporting fluency.

Fluency is more than a toolbox of strategies to choose from; it’s also a matter of equity and access for all learners. Give your students the knowledge and power to become confident mathematical thinkers.

What Does Fluency Really Mean and Why Does it Matter?
Fluency Fallacies and Related Truths
Good (and Necessary) Beginnings for Fluency
Seven Significant Strategies for Developing Fluency
Automaticity Beyond the Basic Facts
Fluency Practice is Not a Worksheet
Beyond Accuracy: What We Need to Assess and the Tools to Do It
Engaging Families in Fluency
Fluency Is the Focus: Planning, Agreement, and Action
Appendix A: Activity List
Appendix B: Strategies and Automaticities Reference Page

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