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Failure Is Not an Option

Failure Is Not an Option
6 Principles That Advance Student Achievement in Highly Effective Schools

Third Edition

Foreword by Pedro A. Noguera, A Joint Publication with The HOPE Foundation

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December 2012 | 352 pages | Corwin
This is a book for district and school leaders that describes how to reshape the school culture to become a high performing school and professional learning community that is able to sustain success for every student. Anchored in the moral purpose of sustaining success for all students, the book demonstrates how to reshape school cultures to support continuous student success by building trust as a foundation for the learning community and then implementing the 6 principles of the FNO Framework:

1) Establishing a common mission, vision, set of values and goals

2) Ensuring achievement for all students by setting up systems for prevention and intervention and building on student strengths

3) Engaging in collaborative teaming that is focused on teaching for learning

4) Using data based decision-making for continuous improvement

5) Actively engaging families and the community

6) Building sustainable leadership capacity

With contributions from Pedro A. Noguera, Andy Hargreaves, and Dean Fink, this book not only outlines the Who, What, and How of becoming a high-performing school and learning community, but also shows how to avoid ten common routes to failure, and provides numerous resources, many case stories and examples from Alan's work in schools and districts around the U.S.

List of Resources
Foreword by Pedro A. Noguera
About the Author
Chapter 1. Why Failure Is Not an Option
Chapter 2. Courageous Leadership for School Success
Chapter 3. 10 Common Routes to Failure, and How to Avoid Each
Chapter 4. Relational Trust as Foundation for the Learning Community
Chapter 5. Principle 1: Common Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
Chapter 6. Principle 2: Ensuring Achievement for All Students: Systems for Prevention and Intervention
Chapter 7. Principle 3: Collaborative Teaming Focused on Teaching for Learning
Chapter 8. Principle 4: Data-Based Decision Making for Continuous Improvement
Chapter 9. Principle 5: Gaining Active Engagement from Family and Community by Alan M. Blankstein and Pedro A. Noguera
Chapter 10. Principle 6: Building Sustainable Leadership Capacity by Alan M. Blankstein with Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink
Book Group Discussion Questions
References and Further Readings
Key features
  1. Offers school leaders the FNO framework for action, which consists of 6 principles for building and sustaining a professional learning community that will result in a high-performing school.
  2. Brief case examples and longer case stories, all drawn from the author's/HOPE Foundation's work with school leaders and schools/districts to vividly illustrate concepts with which the reader will connect and show how to implement the 6 principles.
  3. Numerous tools in the Resources section provide school leaders with concrete assistance in applying the 6 principles of the FNO framework for action.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Case Study 1

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