Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)
Updated Edition of Bestseller

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI)
The Power of the Well-Crafted, Well-Taught Lesson

Second Edition (Revised Edition)

October 2017 | 248 pages | Corwin
Preface to the Second Edition: What’s New in EDI
About the Authors
Chapter 1. Students Say, “I Can Do It!”
Chapter 2. Are Some Approaches Better Than Others? What Is Effective Instruction?
Chapter 3. Good Instruction Is Always Good Instruction: An Explicit Direct Instruction Overview
Chapter 4. Creating Engaged Students: Use Engagement Norms!
Chapter 5. Is Everyone Learning? Checking for Understanding
Chapter 6. Everyone Learns: Corrective Feedback and Whiteboards
Chapter 7. Establishing What Is Going to Be Taught: Learning Objective
Chapter 8. Connecting to What Students Already Know: Activating Prior Knowledge
Chapter 9. These Are the Big Ideas: Concept Development
Chapter 10. I’ll Work a Problem First: Rule of Two—Skill Development and Guided Practice
Chapter 11. This Is Important to Learn: Relevance
Chapter 12. Making One Final Check: Closing the Lesson
Chapter 13. Planning for Success: Differentiation and Scaffolding
Chapter 14. Having Students Work by Themselves: Independent Practice and Periodic Review
Chapter 15. Creating Well-Crafted Lessons: Putting It All Together
Chapter 16. Looking at All the Components: Analyzing a Sample Lesson
Resources: What the Research Says

“I flagged page after page. I had been a classroom teacher for ten years and was unaware of many of the EDI strategies.

Peter Whitmore, Collaborative Coach
Menifee Unified School District, Menifee, CA

"Before EDI, our school was a ship adrift at sea with everyone rowing in different directions. EDI has provided us with a framework for instruction and a common language that allowed us to all row in the same direction. By doing so, we exited program improvement within the first two years of implementation, after having been in sanctions for the previous ten years. Additionally, using the framework and common language of EDI we were named a 2015 honor roll school by the Educational Results Partnership."

Benjamin Luis, Principal
Liberty Middle School, Lemoore, CA

"Gansevoort was one of the first schools in our district to get off the focus list. I attribute a lot of that to the EDI strategies."

Kathy A. Bragan, Director of Support Services
Rome City School District, Rome, NY

“Once teachers experienced EDI, they saw the value. Many teachers have told me they can’t remember how they taught before.”

Dr. Wesley Severs, Principal
Washington Elementary, Sanger, CA

“EDI makes students accountable. They see now that school is a place to work and learn and play, and they love it. Because even though it is hard, they are doing well.”

Trudy Cox, School Instructional Coach
St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School, Carnarvon, Western Australia
Key features
  • Step-by-step implementation of the highly successful Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) teaching method from DataWORKS
  • EDI is data-driven, field-tested, and supported by DataWORKS training events and workshops
  • Written in an entertaining, teacher friendly, easy to read style with classroom examples and samples of complete lessons at the elementary and secondary level
  • Individual chapters cover checking for understanding, lesson objectives, activating prior knowledge, concept and skills development, guided practice, and much more
  • Appropriate for ALL learners in inclusive and diverse classrooms


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