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Experience Inquiry

Experience Inquiry
5 Powerful Strategies, 50 Practical Experiences

Foreword by Kath Murdoch

August 2018 | 184 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Kath Murdoch
Chapter 1: What is Inquiry?
What is Inquiry?  
My Own Inquiry Journey  
Experience #1: Inquiry Self Survey  
Chapter 2: Beginning Your Inquiry Journey
The Groan Zone  
How Do You Use This Book?  
What Will This Book Offer You?  
Tips for Success  
What's the Role of Administration?  
The Inquiry Leader Self-Reflection Tool  
Staff Reflection Survey  
The Importance of Balance and Harmony  
Chapter 3: Taking Stock of Your Classroom
Exxperience #2: How Do You Know if You're 'Doing' Inquiry?  
Experience #3: What Do Your Students Think?  
Experience #4: What Do Others See in Your Classroom?  
Experience #5: What's the Student Experience?  
Experience #6: What Does This All Tell You?  
Chapter 4: What Does Inquiry Look Like?
The "Inquiry Five" Strategies  
Experience #7: What Are Your Burning Questions About Inquiry?  
Experience #8: Who, When, and How Should You Answer Questions?  
Experience #9: How Can Questions be Savored?  
Experience # 10: What Does Your 'Ideal' Class Look Like?  
Chapter 5: Strategy #1: Get Personal
Experience #11: Mad-Libs: Who Are You?  
Experience #12: Who Were Your Teachers?  
Experience #13: What Stories Can You Tell?  
Experience #14: How Do You Tell A Story That Sticks To The Soul?  
Experience #15: What Does Your Classroom Say About You?  
Experience #16: Why Do You Teach?  
Experience #17: What Is The Third Space?  
Experience #18: Ask Me Anything!  
Chapter 6: Strategy #2: Stay Curious
Experience #19: What's Your Expertise?  
Experience #20: What Still Intrigues You?  
Experience #21: Who Are Your Teachers Today?`  
Experience #22: Are You a Luddite or LinkedIn?  
Experience #23: What Do You Teach?  
Experience #24: What Would Your Curriculum of Questions Look Like?  
Experience #25: What's Your Teaching Approach?  
Experience #26: How Do You Respond to Students?  
Chapter 7: Strategy #3: Ask More, Talk Less
Experience #27: What's Really Happening in Your Classroom?  
Experience #28: Who's Hiding in Plain Sight?  
Experience #29: What Questions Are You Asking?  
Experience #30: How Do You Teach with Your Mouth Shut?  
Experience #31: How Do You Get Students to Listen to One Another?  
Experience #32: How Do You Get Students to Talk Together?  
Experience #33: What Are Socratic Seminars, Harkness and Spider Web Discussions?  
Experience #34: Which Questions Work Best in Inquiry Classrooms?  
Chapter 8: Strategy #4: Encourage Evidence
Experience #35: What's the Most Important Question to Ask?  
Experience #36: How Do You Get Your Students to Back Up Their Claims?  
Experience #37: How Do You Teach 'Crap Detection'?  
Experience #38: How Do You Provoke Healthy Debates?  
Experience #39: How Can You Practice the Evidence-Seeking Process?  
Chapter 9: Extend Thinking Time
Experience #40: How Do You Get Students to Think More?  
Experience #41: How Can You Get Your Students to Ask More Questions?  
Experience #42: How Do You Cede Control Without Losing it Completely?  
Experience #43: How Do Inquiry and Mindfulness Connect?  
Experience# 44: How Do You Support Innovative Student Thinking?  
Experience #45: How Do you Start Problem or Project-Based Learning (PBL)?  
Chapter 10: Now What?
Experience #46: How Do You Plan For Inquiry?  
Experience #47: How Do You Assess Inquiry?  
Experience #48: How Do You Make Time For Inquiry?  
Experience # 49: How Do You Explain Inquiry to Skeptics?  
Experience 50: What Does Inquiry Look Like to You?  
Chapter 11: Inquiry Resources
Kimberly's Top Ten Lists  
Inquiry Books  
Inquiry Videos and Podcasts  
Inquiry Organizations  
Inquiry Blogs  

"Strategic and deliberate approaches to inquiry have been shown to be extremely helpful to educators who seek to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their students. In this important new book, Kimberly Mitchell provides practical insights and methods for how to incorporate inquiry into their practice. For educators who seek to enhance their effectiveness and make a difference for all of the students they serve, this book will be an invaluable resource and guide."

Pedro A. Noguera, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Education
UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Los Angeles, CA

"Kimberly has translated the latest terminology—pedagogical jargon—into lively language and useful advice that will strike a chord for classroom teachers!  She 'gets it.'"

Deborah Meier, Author, Coalition of Essential Schools

“This is a book that will help you become the inquiry teacher you need to be.”

Kath Murdoch, Education Consultant, University Lecturer, Author of The Power of Inquiry

 "Experience Inquiry is an excellent book for demystifying how to promote inquiry in the classroom. It's also a clarion call for building strong personal bonds between teacher and student. Chapter after chapter emphasizes the extraordinary opportunity teachers have and the practical tools they can use to create an environment in which students' ideas, feelings and questions are valued."

Dan Rothstein, Author, Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

“Kimberly has given us a 'field guide' to uncover, unpack and enjoy the nobility that is teaching. Her gift is a joyful discomfort that challenges all of us to better actualize the gifts we pledge to the students we serve… best enjoyed in the company of your colleagues.”

Don Shalvey, Founder, Aspire Public Schools
Deputy Director K-12 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Key features
This book will provide teachers with:
  • Practical examples of what inquiry looks like in the classroom and how to do it
  • Opportunities for reflection throughout the book, including self-surveys and space to write
  • Easy-to-use handbook format
  • 50 inquiry experiences that can be used individually, with students, or in small groups of teachers

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