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The process for collecting and analyzing evidence from your own context is what lies at the heart of Visible Learning. This is why evidence gathering tools are the third component of the School Impact Process.

Throughout your Visible Learning journey your school will learn to use various assessment tools to identify key areas of improvement. Initital baseline data is gathered against which progress can be measured. Then, working in collaboration with a certified Visible Learningplus consultant, schools and districts will use the results from capability assessments to identify the key elements to focus on during ongoing professional development.

Bring Visible Learningplus to Your School 

Visible Learningplus Evidence Gathering Tools


School Capability Assessment

In-school consultant visit

Consultants conduct half-day site visits at least once per year to collect and analyze baseline capability data. It is the very first thing your school should do when embarking on your Visible Learning journey.


Mindframes Survey

Questionnaire for faculty

The Mindframes Survey represents the ten mindframes (attitudes and dispositions) that are integral to understanding the set of beliefs that teachers and school leaders have towards the impact of their practice. These beliefs and attitudes are correlated to improved student outcomes.


Classroom Observation Tool (COT)

Peer-review tool

The Classroom Observation Tool is a peer-led classroom observation tool that provides a framework for teachers to learn about their classroom practices and student learning over the course of three fifteen-minute observations. The Classroom Observation Tool is included with Impact Coaching.


School Matrix

Self-evaluation questionnaire

The School Matrix is used to collect school-level information about the processes, beliefs, and practices that are in place across the school.The School Matrix is included with the Foundation Series.


Evidence Gathering Tools Overview

The evidence gathering tools embedded in the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process provide you with robust and tangible information about your impact, including what is successful, what areas need be developed further, and what progress is being made over time. Dowload the Evidence Gathering Tools Overview to learn more!