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Corwin Literacy Institute

The Corwin Literacy Institute is a two-day conference keynoted by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey on October 13 and by Gretchen Bernabei on October 14. The institute provides expert insight, proven techniques, classroom-tested strategies, and actionable take-aways on timely reading and writing challenges facing schools today.

Nashville, Tennessee | Oct 13 - Oct 14, 2017

$449 per person

Text Complexity Institute

Experienced readers understand that reading is simultaneously a top-down and bottom-up process. They work quickly both to notice the kind of text they’re reading and to notice the topic(s) the text is addressing (top down). Those details help experienced readers change or refine their initial understandings. Those refined understandings guide experienced readers’ noticing of additional details that in turn lead to more refined understandings.

San Diego, California | Jun 23, 2017

$399 per person

Corwin Assessment Institute

See Growth in Every Student!

In today’s ever-evolving educational climate, one thing doesn’t change: Educators need accurate, actionable measures of student progress. Assessments are one of the most powerful tools available to fuel the student learning process. The Corwin Assessment Institute is a two-day conference designed to lay the groundwork for developing and utilizing assessment in order to supply meaningful data that informs teaching practices and accelerates student learning.

Chicago, Illinois | Oct 23 - Oct 24, 2017

$499 per person

Groups of 3 or more: $449 per person

Arizona Deep Equity Institute

Embark on the Path to Cultural Transformation

Teachers and school leaders who attend the Deep Equity Institute leave with a renewed energy and a more engaging approach to their practice. They gain a deeper understanding of how to impact change and discover what it takes to create more equitable learning experiences for all students.

Phoenix, Arizona | Nov 06, 2017

$399 per person

Impact Teams Institute

Empower students to take charge of their learning! REFOCUS traditional PLCs with Impact Teams.

Impact Teams (PLCs) of educators are committed to understanding their impact on student learning by taking collective action. The Impact Team model is student-centered and built on the goal of empowering students to monitor their own learning. You’ll learn how to use the 3-step protocol of

(1) Evidence,

(2) Analysis, and

(3) Action to increase learning and create multiple opportunities for student to succeed.

Monterey, California | Oct 27, 2017

$399 per person

Equity and Academic Language Institute

Which instructional and leadership practices are hurting or helping your students?

Join Ivannia Soto, Jamie Almanzan, Shelly Spiegel-Coleman, Margarita Calderon, Margo Gottlieb, Diane Stephens, Margaret Heritage, and more at the Equity and Academic Language Institute. Gain practical, research-based resources to help you enhance your leadership and instructional effectiveness with ELLs and diverse student populations.

Whittier, California | Aug 11 - Aug 12, 2017

Early Bird: $349 (ends June 30th)

Visible Learning Institute, Vancouver

Measure your Impact and Hear from John Hattie himself!

The Visible Learningplus Institute in Vancouver, BC, is a two-day institute with John Hattie and Ainsley Rose, who will introduce you to the core concepts and research of Visible Learning. Attendees will learn to systematically examine effective instructional practice to make the greatest impact on student achievement and learning.

You will learn how to:

Vancouver, British Columbia | Jul 07 - Jul 08, 2017

$499 USD

Making Literacy Visible and Text Complexity Institute

Every student deserves a great teacher not by chance, but by design

What if someone slipped you a piece of paper listing the literacy practices that ensure students demonstrate more than a year’s worth of learning for a year spent in school? Would you keep the paper or throw it away? We think you’d keep it.

San Diego, California | Jun 19 - Jun 23, 2017

Making Literacy Visible | June 19-22: $499 per person

Text Complexity | June 23: $399 per person

Making Literacy Visible & Text Complexity | June 19-23: $848 per person

Visible Learning Institute, in partnership with IL ASCD

The Illinois ASCD Visible Learning Institute is a two-day conference designed to introduce you to the core concepts and research of Visible Learning. Visible Learning is an in-depth school change model of professional learning and development based on the research of Professor John Hattie. Through the lens of Visible Learning evidence, you will learn to systematically examine effective instructional practice in order to determine the “impact” on student achievement and learning.

Woodridge, Illinois | Oct 11 - Oct 12, 2017

$499 per person

Early Bird: $399 per person (by June 30, 2017)

Motion Leadership

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 3:30pm PDT

Watch Michael Fullan's Archived Webinar

Michael Fullan discusses motion leadership, or how to "move" individuals, institutions, and whole systems forward.