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2 Results Found for "equity"
2 Results Found for "equity"

Literacy & Equity Institute

The Literacy and Equity Institute utilizes leaders in the field to go deep into literacy topics of interest and ways to create a more equitable classroom. In our current day and age, sustaining an equitable environment for students requires more than expanding a classroom library. Today's literacy educators must find ways to be more inclusive with the structure that governs their shared spaces.

San Diego | Mar 01 - Mar 02, 2019

General Price: $399 per person

Equity By Design Institute

At Corwin, we believe that promoting equity at all levels of the educational system is a moral imperative that stems from a uniquely human capacity for empathy, fairness, and justice. We invite you to attend this momentous event for new insight on how together, we can change the narrative and build a better world.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Nov 07 - Nov 08, 2019

Early bird pricing: $449 per person (if registered by May 1, 2019)

General pricing: $499 per person