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Disciplinary Literacy in Action

Disciplinary Literacy in Action
How to Create and Sustain a School-Wide Culture of Deep Reading, Writing, and Thinking

September 2018 | 376 pages | Corwin

“Much of the professional literature has focused on what disciplinary literacy entails; this valuable contribution explores how it can be implemented in complex school settings.”

—Doug Buehl, Author of Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines

What happens when middle and high school teachers who know their content very well are told they should be teaching reading and writing too? Is there a bit of resistance? A decrease in self-efficacy? An overturning of curricula? In Disciplinary Literacy in Action, ReLeah Cossett Lent and Marsha Voigt show us a better way.


In this sequel to ReLeah’s bestselling This Is Disciplinary Literacy, the authors provide educators with what they’ve wanted all along: a framework that keeps their subjects at the center and shows them how to pool strengths with colleagues in ongoing communities of professional learning (PL) around content-specific literacy.


In each chapter, and with a blend of lively disciplinary literacy teaching ideas and razor-sharp insights on developing teacher efficacy and leadership, ReLeah and Marsha take educators through a powerful PL cycle they can replicate in their school. The authors know it works not just because the research says so, but also because they have spent years refining the model in schools, districts, and regions. With this book, you will be ready for

  • Collaborative learning that preserves discipline-specific content yet keeps innovative daily practices of reading, writing, thinking, and doing at the forefront
  • Planning by autonomous literacy leadership teams with administrative support
  • Implementation augmented by peer and disciplinary literacy coaching
  • Reflection that leads to ongoing collective problem solving

In the end, it all comes back to how content teachers can best help students use literacy in all its forms to learn more deeply. With Disciplinary Literacy in Action, you have a proven framework for doing just that. This is the resource to lean on as you work to ensure all students use literacy as a tool to think, create, and communicate in any endeavor.

What to Expect From This Book  
Chapter 1 Disciplinary Literacy and Collaborative Professional Learning: A Partnership that Works
Chapter 2 Unlocking Disciplinary Literacy
Chapter 3 Creating a Schoolwide Culture of Disciplinary Reading
Chapter 4 Creating a Schoolwide Culture of Disciplinary Writing
Chapter 5 Creating a Schoolwide Culture of Disciplinary Thinking
Chapter 6 Building and Sustaining Disciplinary Literacy Learning Communities
Chapter 7 What Matters Most in a Disciplinary Literacy Learning Community
Chapter 8 From Teacher Learner to Teacher Leader
Chapter 9 Leading the Disciplinary Literacy Charge

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