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Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership
Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

  • Eric Sheninger - International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

Foreword by Yong Zhao

© 2014 | 264 pages | Corwin

Published in Association with Ontario Principals' Council

"Leadership is no different today than it was years ago. The only difference is that style and focus need to change with the times if we are to accomplish the lofty task of preparing students for a dynamic world that is more social and connected as a result of technology. Leading in a way that supports the status quo, standardization, outdated practices, and misconceptions related to technology, not only does a disservice to our students, but also renders our schools and profession as irrelevant." - Eric Sheninger

Move leadership into the digital age

Digital leadership is a strategic mindset and set of behaviors that leverages resources to create a meaningful, transparent, and engaging school culture. It takes into account recent changes such as ubiquitous connectivity, open-source technology, mobile devices, and personalization to dramatically shift how schools have been run and structured for over a century.  Leading in education becomes exponentially powerful when using technology to your advantage.

Eric Sheninger—“Principal Twitter”—shares his Pillars of Digital Leadership to help readers

  • Transform school culture by initiating sustainable change
  • Use free social media tools to improve communication, enhance public relations and create a positive brand presence 
  • Integrate digital tools into the classroom to increase student engagement and achievement
  • Facilitate professional learning and access new opportunities and resources

The time is now, whether you are a building level or teacher leader, to boldly move schools forward in the digital age.

Digital Leadership is a great one-stop shopping place to learn about all the key ingredients you will need for success in the digital age. Comprehensive, clear, practical—get it and use it today!”
—Michael Fullan, Dean and Professor Emeritus
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Canada

“This book is essential reading for any education leader trying to figure out how technology can strengthen schools—and what pitfalls to avoid.”
—Cindy Johanson, Executive Director
The George Lucas Educational Foundation

“Eric recognizes that ongoing professional development is the key to helping staff meet the challenges of the future. He shares how to leverage technology to build a strong school-based professional learning agenda.”
—Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director
Learning Forward

Foreword by Yong Zhao
About the Author
A Day in the Life of a Digital Leader
1. The Evolving Educational Landscape
2. Why Schools Must Change
3. Keys to Leading Sustainable Change
4. Leading With Technology
5. Communication
6. Public Relations
7. Branding
8. Professional Growth and Development
9. Increasing Student Engagement and Enhancing Learning
10. Rethinking Learning Environments and Spaces
11. Discovering Opportunity
12. A Call to Action
Appendix A: The ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators
Appendix B: Twitter Memo for Parents
Appendix C: Student Media Waiver
Appendix D: Professional Growth Period Model Developed at New Milford High School
Appendix E: Integrating Digital Tools and Content to Develop Essential Literacies
Appendix F: IOCS Rubric

Digital Leadership is a focused guide to using the many new channels of modern communication to engage families, tell your school’s story, inspire staff growth and connection, and bring new relevance to the classroom. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there, this book will give you a head start on mastering your social media strategy.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human and Drive

"Digital Leadership is a great one-stop shopping place to learn about all the key ingredients you will need for success in the digital age. Sheninger connects the dots with his 7 pillars, his listing of obstacles and ways to overcome them, and the integrated solution that brings it all together. Comprehensive, clear, practical --get it and use it today!"

Michael Fullan, Corwin Author and Dean and Professor Emeritus
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Canada

“There are books on technology that don’t show you how to change. There are books on how to change that have nothing to say about technology. Then there are curmudgeonly commentaries that are dismissive about change and technology in equal measure. Eric Sheninger’s book alters all that. Through personal testimony, practical examples and a commitment to clear professional learning, Digital Leadership opens your mind, and shows you the tools that will make you think again about what 21st Century Learning can really look like. If your ipads are used as notebooks, your smartboards are glorified whiteboards and your school has an electronic ban on access to everything, this book will make you look at technology and learning with totally different eyes.”

Professor Andy Hargreaves, BA, PhD, Hon Doc (Uppsala), FRSA, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education
Lynch School of Education, Boston College

"This book is THE book on digital leadership.  There is no one I can recommend more highly than the most connected educational leader today – Eric Sheninger – to help us navigate all of the changes taking place in classrooms, schools and districts.  The book is perfect to help everyone initiate transformational change in a digital world.  Whether you are a cutting edge techie or a nervous newbie this book is for you."

Todd Whitaker, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Leadership
Indiana State University

Digital Leadership is essential reading for any education leader trying to figure out how technology can strengthen schools—and what pitfalls to avoid. Eric Sheninger masterfully makes the connections as to how technology can strengthen schools, providing an essential guide for today's leaders in education. This is a readable, practical book!"

Cindy Johanson, Executive Director
Key features
  • Identify obstacles to change and specific solutions to overcome them in order to transform schools in the digital age
  • Use digital tools and leadership practices to enhance school culture and improve stakeholder relations
  • Leverage the real-time web to grow professionally like never before
  • Utilize practical strategies from practicing school leaders that will provide a context for digital leadership in action.

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Digital Leadership Chapter 1

Digital Leadership Chapter 4

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