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Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class, Elementary

Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class, Elementary
Engage Students, Improve Number Sense, and Practice Reasoning

First Edition

Includes Video

192 pages | Corwin
Do your students need more practice to develop number sense and reasoning? Are you looking to engage your students with activities that are uncomplicated, worthwhile, and doable? Have you had success with number talks but your students crave more variety? Have you ever thought, “What can I do differently?” 

Swap out traditional warmup practices and captivate your elementary students with these new, innovative, and ready-to-go routines! Trusted elementary math expert John J. SanGiovanni details 20 classroom-proven practice routines to help you ignite student engagement, reinforce learning, and prepare students for the lesson ahead. Each quick and lively activity spurs mathematics discussion and provides a structure for talking about numbers, number concepts, and number sense. Designed to jump-start mathematics reasoning in any elementary classroom, the routines are

Rich with content-specific examples and extensions
Modifiable to work with math content at any grade level
Compatible with any textbook or core mathematics curriculum 
Practical, easy-to-implement, and flexible for use as a warmup or other activity

Accompanied by online slides, the easy 5–10-minute routines become your go-to materials for a year’s work of daily plug-and-play short-burst reasoning and fluency instruction that reinforces learning and instills mathematics confidence in students. 

Students’ brains are most ready to learn in the first few minutes of math class. Give math practice routines a makeover in your classroom with these 20 meaningful and energizing warmups for learning crucial mathematics skills and concepts, and make every minute count.

Part I: Why Jump-Start Routines?
Part II: The Routines
Math Yapper
The Count
The Missing
Big or Small
Picture It
Show It 3
How Do You Make It?
The Mighty Ten
Make It Friendly
Mystery Number
Number Bio
Where’s the Point?
Is This the End?
About or Between
More or Less
This or That?
Finding One and All
Another Way to Think About It
The Truth
Part III: Where to Go Next
Key features


  • 20 different routines with 8 examples each for a total of 160 daily routines
  • A companion website with free, downloadable PPT slides for every routine, every example
  • 90 minutes of video showing routines in action in elementary classrooms

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