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Allen, Lois

Lois N. Allen

well as a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech and …

Haas, Heather

Heather S. Haas

education and a certificate of advanced study from St. Bonaventure University …

Cappelloni, Nancy

Nancy L. Cappelloni

Academic Development (CLAD) certificate, and a California Early Childhood …

Anderson, Kim

Kim L. Anderson

received a post-graduate certificate in art psychotherapy and now is a board …

Harmon, Jeanne

Jeanne M. Harmon

Washington’s statewide system of support for National Board Certification. CSTP …

Steele, Julie

Julie Steele

University, Elementary Certification (1-6) from Avila University, and a Master’s …

Melinda Leong

York, and a graduate certificate in middle school mathematics from …

Kapalka, George

George M. Kapalka

George Kapalka is a board-certified clinical psychologist, a licensed mental health counselor, and a certified school psychologist. He holds additional board certifications in child mental health …

Colton, Amy

Amy Bernstein Colton

development of the Board’s first teaching certificate. She engages district …

McGinnis-Smith, Ellen

Ellen McGinnis-Smith

Ellen McGinnis-Smith earned her Ph.D. in Special Education at the University of Iowa and certification as a school administrator from Drake University. She has been a teacher of special education at both the elementary …

Kerns, Gene

Gene M. Kerns

certification for Renaissance Learning, Inc. With more than a decade of experience …