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What Every Principal Should Know About Ethical and Spiritual Leadership

What Every Principal Should Know About Ethical and Spiritual Leadership

October 2005 | 120 pages | Corwin
The third in its series, What Every Principal Should Know About Ethical and Spiritual Leadership recognizes that effective headteachers possess a sound ethical and spiritual foundation in their leadership styles. Headteachers influence, promote and encourage the personal, academic and worldly learning potential in every individual - students, staff and parents alike.

In this book, aspiring, new, and experienced headteachers will learn how to find the core values that drive their leadership, reflect on and renew the moral imperatives of the headship, and hone their abilities in resolving dilemmas in sound and ethical ways.

About the Author
Questionnaire: Before We Get Started...
1. Introduction
Case Study and Reflective Questions

2. Best Practices in Leading Ethically, With Moral Purpose, and With an Awareness of the Spiritual
Maintaining Assumptions About Ethics

Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Organization

Affirming 3 Qualities for a Moral Life

Following 7 Spiritual Gateways

Becoming a Holistic Educator


3. Leading With Soul and Conviction: Five Essential Virtues for Effective Leadership
Exhibiting Courage

Maintaining Impartiality

Demonstrating Empathy

Judging Ethically

Remaining Humble


4. Approaches to Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Utilizing the Rest Model

Attending to the Five Principles of Ethics

Raising 12 Questions When Making a Decision


Conclusion: The Moral Imperatives of School Leadership
Resource A. Realities of Ethical and Spiritual Leadership: In-Basket Simulations
Resource B. Assessing Your Role as an Ethical and Spiritual Leader
Resource C. An Annotated Bibliography of Best Resources

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