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Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathematics, Grades K-5

Uncovering Student Thinking in Mathematics, Grades K-5
25 Formative Assessment Probes for the Elementary Classroom

Edited by:
  • Cheryl Rose Tobey - Tobey Education Group, LLC, Education Development Center, Newton, MA
  • Leslie Minton - Math Matters, University of Southern Maine, USA

Foreword by Page Keeley

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Mathematics | Student Assessment

October 2010 | 232 pages | Corwin
Formative assessment is an important strategy for improving student achievement in mathematics. This resource provides tools and examples that allow primary educators to gauge students' knowledge of core mathematics concepts and strengthen their ability to teach effectively.

The authors provide 25 formative assessment probes—brief, easily administered activities targeting specific mathematics ideas and concepts—to reveal common understandings and misunderstandings in student thinking. Field-tested with teachers and students at various grade levels, these powerful diagnostic tools help teachers modify their teaching and identify areas that require more instruction.

Foreword by Page Keeley
About the Authors
1. Mathematics Assessment Probes
2. Instructional Implications
3. Structure of Number Probes: Place Value, Number Charts, and Number Lines
4. Structure of Number Probes: Parts and Wholes and Equality
5. Structure of Number Probes: Computation and Estimation
6. Measurement, Geometry, and Data Probes: Quadrilaterals
Resource: Notes Template: QUEST Cycle

“Finally, a book to help teachers differentiate math instruction using their own, individualized, current data! This book provides practical, simple-to-use formative assessments that allow teachers to identify areas of difficulty, correct misconceptions, and guide learning.”

Renee Peoples, Fourth-Grade Teacher and K-5 District Math Facilitator
Swain County Schools, Bryson City, NC

“This book is a much-needed resource for beginning and veteran teachers alike.”

Randy Wormald, Math Teacher
Belmont High School, NH

“This book offers ways for teachers to gain more insight into what their students know and don’t know.”

Carol Amos, Teacher Leader/Mathematics Coordinator
Twinfield Union School, Plainfield, VT
Key features
  • Discusses standards, research results, and practical craft knowledge
  • Describes the purpose, structure, and development of mathematics assessment probes
  • Helps teachers build on students' current understandings while addressing their identified difficulties
  • Offers examples of the faulty thinking students are likely to exhibit and typical obstacles they may encounter

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