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Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral School Counselor

Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral School Counselor

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School Counseling

June 2009 | 176 pages | Corwin
The books in this series represent the four key areas or theoretical constructs counsellors use when working with clients: Solution Focused, Behavioural, Cognitive, and Person-Centred.

This resource provides counsellors a practical guide to learning to think and then ACT like an expert counsellor. The author focuses upon the development of the skills employed by behavioural counsellors as they process client data, develop case conceptualizations, and then formulate and implement specific treatment plans.

Thinking and Acting Like a Behavioral Counselor provides extensive case illustrations and guided practice exercises to move the reader from simply 'knowing' to 'doing' and is ideal for training new and less experienced counsellors in what to say, how to say it, and why to say it.

About the Author
Introduction to Book Series
Part I. Using Behavioral Orientation to Guide Reflection
1. The School Counselor as Reflective Practitioner
2. The Fundamentals of a Behavioral Orientation
Part II. Interventions Targeting the Increase, Decrease, and Substitution of Behavior
3. Strategies Targeting the Development of Behavior
4. Strategies Targeting the Reduction and/or Elimination of Behavior
5. Counterconditioning
Part III. From the Eyes of the Behavioral-Oriented Expert
6. School Counselors Reflecting In and On Practice
7. Practice in Procedural Thinking

"This is the go-to training manual for those who received minimal behavioral exposure in their counseling program."

Katy Olweiler, Counselor
Lakeside School, Seattle, WA

"After reading this book, I found myself thinking more behaviorally with my interactions with students. I plan to refer back to this book for ideas for fine-tuning some of what I do."

Cynthia Knowles, Prevention Specialist
Livonia Central School District, NY
Key features

Practice and feedback are central to this text. Case illustrations, case presentations with analyses of counselor actions and the decision-making processes underlying them, along with guided practice activities, are employed as 'teaching tools' throughout.

The book is organized around the following sections:

  • Thinking and acting like an expert
  • Core constructs of behavioral counseling
  • Clinical illustrations of intervention strategies
  • In depth case verbatim (with "counselor thinking" superimposed )
  • Guided practice exercises that assist the reader in thinking and acting like an expert

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

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