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Teaching the Digital Generation

Teaching the Digital Generation
No More Cookie-Cutter High Schools

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September 2008 | 280 pages | Corwin
"This might well be THE contemporary manual for effective education reform. In a world where the future is now, schools are falling behind. It is a lag we can no longer afford."

—Sean M. Nosek, Principal

Westview Secondary School, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"This is the most important book about high schools since Breaking Ranks for school facilities planners."

—David E. Anstrand, Principal, Education Environment Planning Consultants

Board Member, Council of Educational Facility Planners International

Discover options for instruction and school design that reflect the needs of 21st-century students!

Preparing students to meet the demands of a constantly changing, technology-driven environment presents today's educators with unique challenges. This innovative resource demonstrates how traditional, industrial-type high schools have become outdated and helps school leaders plan facilities and curriculum in ways that benefit students' academic development and performance.

Teaching the Digital Generation examines how educators can address the learning needs of secondary students immersed in a digital world by designing and implementing new instructional models and technology infrastructure. The authors explore ten alternative high school models that address 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and digital literacy, and pose five critical considerations:

What should instruction and learning look like in a 21st-century school?

How can technology foster this kind of learning?

What noninstructional components are required?

How can time be used differently to support our vision?

How can new facility design turn this vision into reality?

Incorporating issues of facility design with curriculum and instructional planning, the authors offer educational leaders a new vision for schools.

Foreword by Michael Hinojosa
About the Authors
Part 1
1. Schools Must Change
2. Changing the Process of Designing Schools
3. No More Cookie-Cutter Schools
Part 2
4. Models for High Schools
5. Industrial Age High Schools: Schools for a World That No Longer Exists
6. Academies
7. Instructional Centers
8. Academic Focus
9. Learning Labs
10. Self-Directed Learning
11. Time - Less + More
12. Individualized Instruction
13. Cyber Schools
14. Diverse Learning Communities
15. Diverse High Schools: No More Cookie-Cutter High Schools
Schools References

Book did not fully relate to the standards of my course

Dr April Sanders
Teacher Education Division, Spring Hill College
May 20, 2015
Key features

- Contains multiple models for design and redesign of high schools.

- Merges best practices in how students learn with best physical elements to encourage student-centered learning environments that promote higher order, critical thinking, creativity, and other 21st Century skills.

- Takes high schools into the new generation of learners who learn beyond the confines of space and time.

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