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Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment in Primary and Elementary Grades

Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment in Primary and Elementary Grades

December 2007 | 216 pages | Corwin
This new, research-based book contains student-friendly mathematical assessments linked to NCTM standards. Each assessment task is designed to appeal to students and to connect students' daily lives, all the while helping and informing teachers. Teachers will find that the carefully designed rubrics break down the learning components of each task and show varied levels of success. This collection offers districts, schools, and teachers a resource that can be used with any mathematics curriculum to inform and enrich the learning process.

The book features:

-An overview of balanced mathematics assessment and recommendations for using the tasks and rubrics

- Insight into the mathematics domain that the tasks and rubrics in each chapter are designed to assess

-Individual assessment tasks for key areas of importance, concern, or challenge

-A clear, thorough explanation of each task that covers underlying student thinking and how to use the rubrics

The tasks and rubrics in Tasks and Rubrics for Balanced Mathematics Assessment, Grades K-6 can help all teachers improve the mathematical understandings of students and gain a clearer vision of their students' strengths and weaknesses. Informed assessment provides the data and insight to improve instruction and support higher student achievement.

About the Authors
1. Introduction to Balanced Assessment
2. Number and Quantity


Birthday Cupcakes

TV Shows

A Very Long Hallway

Dot to Dot

Measuring the Marigolds

Table Talk

Leopard’s Leap

Add ‘Em Up


Multiplication Rings

Fermi Four

Broken Calculators

Trouble With Tables

Broken Measures

Counting Off

Network News

Piece of String

3. Shape and Space

Grassy Parks


Shirts in the Mirror


Does It Fit?

Mirror, Mirror

Gardens of Delight

4. Pattern and Function

Wall Design

Calendar Moves


Make a Map

Coding the Alphabet

5. Chance and Data

Beach Day

We Scream for Ice Cream


Mixed Up Socks

Measure Me

6. Arrangement

Postal Puzzles



Valentine Hearts

Millie & Mel’s


"The authors show a remarkable talent for embedding important and substantive mathematics in charming yet authentic tasks. A rare talent."

Mark J. Driscoll, Codirector
Center for Leadership and Learning Communities, Education Development Center

"The Balanced Assessment materials are a great teacher resource. They require students to problem solve and use critical thinking skills as they develop possible solution strategies. The materials add a level of fun, interest, and challenge to the mathematics curriculum."

Melanie Nichols, Dean of Academic Affairs
Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts, Hot Springs, AR

"While designed primarily for elementary school teachers, the book might also be of interest to those of us involved in teacher education and who like to keep tabs on what's going on in Grades K–6."

MAA Reviews, April 2008
Mathematical Association of America
Key features
  • Can be used with any existing curriculum
  • Helps teachers and schools collect better formative data about student learning
  • Offers model materials for improving classroom mathematics assessment
  • Easily scalable to school or districts for improved assessment
  • Facilitates team, school, and district data collection and analysis for math
  • Offers outstanding tools for embedded professional development
  • Teacher-friendly descriptions of solutions and rubrics provide model for classroom discussion
  • Connected to math standards

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