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The School Leadership Triangle

The School Leadership Triangle
From Compliance to Innovation

March 2010 | 176 pages | Corwin
Paul Kimmelman captures a unique vision for school improvement that is based on the intersection of federal policy compliance, effective leadership, and innovation.

While educational leaders must be responsive to federal policy mandates, compliance with federal policy alone won't guarantee school improvement. In Kimmelman's view, effective leadership and innovation are essential ingredients for meaningful systemic improvement.

The School Leadership Triangle: From Compliance to Innovation provides leadership teams with a solid foundation for discussing the key issues that can lead to substantive improvements in their schools and districts while addressing the challenges of federal laws.

Foreword by M. Rene Islas
About the Author
1. Compliance
Author Note


Why Pass NCLB?

Calls for Reform Prior to NCLB

Some Additional Reports – Post-NCLB


Discussion Activity Questions

How Can Teachers and Government Build a Relationship to Achieve World-Class Standards? by Sir Michael Barber

2. Leadership

History of Leadership Theories


A Transformation of Education Leadership

Training Programs for School Leaders


Discussion Activity Questions

3. Innovation

The Innovation Process

An Education Innovation Process Framework


Some Innovations Currently Being Used in Education


Discussion Activity Questions

4. Final Thoughts and Conclusions



Discussion Activity Questions

Final Words, by Gina Burkhardt

Appendix A: Biographies of Contributors
Appendix B: List of Interviewees

"Paul Kimmelman's book is full of interesting thoughts on how to generate successful educational innovations in a policy environment that demands accountability. His blend of on-the-ground experience as a teacher and school administrator, coupled with his understanding of change practices in business, has led to many fresh insights."

Robert C. Granger, President
William T. Grant Foundation

"Finally we have a book that encourages educators to take charge of the situation and shape the future of public education. This book provides a rare and insightful analysis of the ideas and concerns of national leaders who have shaped legislation. Kimmelman’s work encourages individuals to embrace a new form of leadership and redesign schools that reflect the economic and social realities of the present and future. America was established under the precepts of innovation, and Kimmelman challenges our schools to embrace change."

Kenneth Arndt, Superintendent
Community Unit School District 300, Carpentersville, IL
Key features
  • Based on a unique conceptual framework designed around the intersection of federal policy compliance, leadership, and innovation
  • Provides a rare glimpse into the thought processes of federal legislators responsible for the enactment of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
  • Includes contemporary thinking about how leaders can work to ensure alignment with followers
  • Focuses on the critical role of innovation in creating successful reform efforts

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Foreword by M. Rene Islas


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