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The Principal's Guide to Raising Reading Achievement

The Principal's Guide to Raising Reading Achievement

April 1998 | 120 pages | Corwin
The author explores some of the reasons why pupils can't read and suggests focusing on those things that can be changed. The running debate between advocates of phonics and whole language, and arguments that reading instruction cannot be an `either-or' proposition are summarized. The book also describes the eight key components that need to be in place to create a `school of readers', and sets forth essential learnings that need to occur at each instructional level.

Why Our Kids Aren't Learning to Read
The Great Debate
Phonics Versus Whole Language

What Do You Need to Make it Happen?
The Essential Learnings
What Students Need to Know: Grades K-8

Remedial Reading
What to Do When Kids Can't Read

Thirty Plus Things You Can Do Tommorow To Raise Reading Achievement

I found the Principal's Guide to Raising Reading Achievement to be an excellent source of information for any elementary school principal who is concerned about the level of reading achievement in his/her school. The book contains not only an excellent and balanced discussion of some of the major controversies in the area of reading instruction, but also shows how these controversies should not be a stumbling block to providing a balanced, comprehensive instructional program for children.

Joseph Torgesen, Professor of Psychology
Florida State University

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