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The Principal's Guide to Afterschool Programs, K-8

The Principal's Guide to Afterschool Programs, K-8
Extending Student Learning Opportunities

Foreword by Kent D. Peterson

August 2007 | 144 pages | Corwin
After-school programmes are popular with parents and the community, but are a lot of extra work for headteachers and the staff involved.

This book will provide headteachers and administrators with the guidance they need to build a successful and sustainable after-school programme. Based on a national study conducted by the author, this hands-on resource will take educational leaders through the step-by-step process, focusing in particular on the many bureaucratic barriers that can hamper teachers efforts.

The author addresses all the important issues an administrator is likely to face while setting up an after-school programme, including hiring, funding grants, facilities, volunteers, programme evaluation, collecting and analyzing data, and building support amongst various constituencies.

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Foreword by Kent D. Peterson
About the Author
1. Why Afterschool Programs Are Necessary
2. Building Your Afterschool Program
3. Overcoming Common Obstacles
4. Profiles of Successful Principals and Programs
5. Evaluating Your Afterschool Program
6. Sustaining Your Afterschool Program
Appendix A. Resources for Afterschool Programs

"As a school principal, I can honestly say that this book fulfills a real need as we seek information and direction to create, develop, and implement effective and academically focused afterschool programs."

Michele R. Dean, Principal
Montalvo Elementary School, Ventura, CA

"A timely addition to the literature as principals everywhere are struggling to meet district, state, and federal mandates. The examples accurately reflect the principal's role in school management, and the clear, step-by-step presentation is better than any book or planning guide I have read."

Catherine H. Payne, Principal
W.R. Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

"A valuable tool for school administrators. It clearly outlines ways in which the connections between afterschool programs and the regular school day can be strengthened, and the ways afterschool programs can be implemented to increase the academic achievement of students."

John C. Hughes, Principal
Public School 48, Bronx, NY

"Lockwood identifies a substantial resource in the effort to increase student learning. In this book she provides an enormously useful range of strategies to design, implement, and evaluate afterschool programs. Clearly written, well organized, and enormously practical, this volume should be in every school's professional library."

From the Foreword by Kent D. Peterson

"Lockwood looks at working with staff, students, parents, and the community to establish a strong program that is not only vital, but can be supported and maintained over time."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2008
School Library Journal
Key features
  • Profiles of schools with programs that have improved student achievement
  • Checklists, planning worksheets, evaluation tools, and surveys

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