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The New Teacher Revolution

The New Teacher Revolution
Changing Education for a New Generation of Learners

February 2015 | 160 pages | Corwin

It’s time to throw out the old rulebook. Today’s classroom demands teacher innovation, embracing of new technology, and rejection of outdated practices, especially when someone tells you it’s “always been done” a certain way.

Meet Josh Stumpenhorst, recently named Illinois Teacher of the Year. Stumpenhorst’s orthodoxy-challenging methods have produced outstanding student outcomes, and in these pages he details how to maximize teacher effectiveness by thinking outside the box:

  • Build student relationships on trust and respect rather than fear and punishment
  • Rethink homework and letter grades, which—in their current forms—are harming learning 
  • Leverage technology by not treating it as a “shiny toy”, but rather understand its power as a tool for rapid progress

Educators who welcome large-scale change are about to pull ahead of those who don’t.

About the Author
Chapter 1. Progressive Classroom Management
Chapter 2. Rethinking Motivation
Chapter 3. The Family Dynamic
Chapter 4. Technology as a Linchpin to Change
Chapter 5. Warning: Distractions Ahead
Chapter 6. Education Traditions
Chapter 7. Evolving Practice

Free resources

Innovation Day Planning Sheet

Host an “Innovation Day” as a way to give students choice and allow them to pursue projects they are passionate about using this Day Plan Sheet from The New Teacher Revolution. (K-12)


"This book will challenge your conventional thinking and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone to create the best possible learning environment for your students.  A must read for new and veteran teachers!"

Tamara Letter, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Hanover County Public Schools

"The New Teacher Revolution is an authentic piece of work that is sure to inspire and support beginning teachers  in their first years.  Stumpenhorst speaks from the heart and from experience about establishing relationships with students and parents, motivating and engaging students, and the importance of reflection and growth.   He provides insight into a truly student-centered approach to teaching and learning."

Maureen Kincaid, Education Department Chair
North Central College

"I have always believed 'the duty of the revolutionary is to make the revolution' and that is exactly what Josh has done. He candidly shares his insights on teaching, all the way down to specific techniques, that will aid a generation of educators in creating meaningful, rigorous, and enjoyable learning experiences for our students. Josh is certainly moving the teaching profession forward."

Chad Miller, Director of Teacher Development
Uehiro Academy for Philosophy and Ethics in Education University of Hawai?i at Manoa

"Understanding how students learn is as, if not more important that what they learn. Creating environments that are welcoming, inclusive of all and yet challenging is crucial to create well-rounded learners. Josh has captured in his text what all classrooms should look and feel like. His approach is one of understanding and offers practical advice to help anyone achieve the classroom all students deserve."

Steven W. Anderson, Author, Educational Evangelist

“With a bird’s-eye view on changes to education past, present, and future, Josh clarifies the goals most salient to the teaching profession, while providing solutions to entrenched challenges. Any teacher, new or veteran, will rethink their classroom after reading this book.”

Angela Maiers, Educator and Author

"Josh has done the near impossible: created a how-to book for teachers that is not only highly informative, but also engaging. New or veteran teachers will get ready-to-use and tweak ideas from the very first chapter, making this book a must-read and must-add to any staff bookshelf."

Pernille Ripp, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Creator of the Global Read Aloud

"The dynamic changes in society have fundamentally altered our learners, resulting in a system that no longer meets their needs. Josh Stumpenhorst not only provides a plan to right the ship, but backs it up by including numerous strategies that have been successfully implemented in schools across the nation and beyond." 

Eric Sheninger, Author and Award-Winning Principal

"Josh lays out a bold vision for what it means to teach authentically, including everything from classroom leadership to engagement to teaching strategies. He does so in a style that is practical, thought provoking and approachable. This book will challenge your thinking to transform your teaching!"

John Spencer, Teacher and Author

"Josh Stumpenhorst is an all-star teacher. And the advice he provides for his colleagues comes from his own authentic experience in the classroom and from a place of deep respect for students and learning. For new teachers in search of mentoring, this book is the place to start.”

Daniel H. Pink, Author

"The New Teacher Revolution: Changing Education for a New Generation of Learners is an awesome guide for any teacher, but a critical one for new teachers.  Josh Stumpenhorst guides us through transforming classroom practice with a fun and accessible read that helps us use today’s tools for today’s learners."

Katherine Bassett , Executive Director of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year
Key features
  • This book will include organizers and handouts created by teachers and used with students
  • It will include specific advice in every area to guide a new or experienced teacher in challenging their thinking about how to teach and how students learn.
  • Examples will be cited directly from first hand classroom experiences from the author as well as other practicing educators.
  • We intend to create a book that has plenty of visuals and easy to follow guidelines for new teachers.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

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