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Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving

Learning Through Real-World Problem Solving
The Power of Integrative Teaching

February 1996 | 184 pages | Corwin
Why should the school curriculum be integrated? How can this best be accomplished? Nancy G Nagel discusses integrative teaching using real-world problems to which both students and teachers can relate. She provides case studies of integretive teaching units from inner city, suburban and private schools in the United States, together with teacher and student feedback on the units. The book concludes with suggestions for implementing an integrative curriculum.

James A Beane
Integrative Teaching and Learning through Real-World Problem Solving
Why Implement an Integrative Teaching and Learning Model?
Looking in the Classrooms
Case Studies Introduction

Assessing Integrative Learning
Looking Back
What We Have Learned

Looking Ahead
Suggestions for Implementation

Making Integrative Teaching and Learning Happen

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