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Keys to Curriculum Mapping

Keys to Curriculum Mapping
Strategies and Tools to Make It Work

Edited by:

March 2005 | 120 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

This user friendly resource packed with templates, flowcharts, tips and trouble-shooting for curriculum mapping supplements the work of Udelhofen's frequent conference collaborator and leading curriculum mapping author Heidi Hayes Jacobs. The work is grounded in the author's consulting work with schools, conference presentations with fellow experts in the process, and research on effective schools. Her process includes a working through of concerns and issues that frequently impede initial progress, including finding time and trusting sharing of information. She provides needed templates and know-how to adopt and use this process to support other initiatives aimed at school improvement, including NCLB and professional development.

Features include:

" School improvement initiatives, including NCLB

" Learning community expertise

" Curriculum mapping to standards

" Paper templates and review of assistive mapping software

" Step-by-step guidelines

" Illuminating quotes from teachers and leaders in the field

About the author
Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Introduction: A Curriculum Mapping Journey
1. Making the Case For Curriculum Mapping
2. Before You Begin: The Necessary Groundwork
3. The Curriculum Mapping Process: The Initial Cycle
4. Implementing the Action Plan and Beyond
5. Curriculum Mapping Software Decisions

"We are mentored by this master educator as we read through the pages of Keys to Curriculum Mapping. This book will be of enormous help to staff developers, building and district administrators, and to classroom teachers at all levels of instruction."

From the Foreword (Heidi Hayes Jacobs)

"The how, when, where, and why of curriculum mapping. Provides a curriculum development staff with an excellent guide to school improvement."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2006
Key features


  • Tied to other school improvement initiatives, including NCLB
  • Author's learning community expertise supports successful collaborative mapping
  • Connects curriculum to standards Provides templates and filled in map samples
  • Offers checklist for making decisions about mapping software
  • Explicit, step-by-step process supports leaders, teachers and teams
  • Case stories and educator quotes bring curriculum mapping to life

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