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The Hidden Leader

The Hidden Leader
Leadership Lessons on the Potential Within

December 2004 | 248 pages | Corwin
Foreword by Dr Terrence Deal

In a highly readable, conversational tone, and using numerous real-life examples, the authors explain what it means to be a visionary, inspiring, and truly effective leader - guiding the reader through a process of self-assessment and professional development. They help the reader to take responsibility for his or her own personal/professional development through "reflection, activities, and exercises." In particular, the book is a response to those participants in the authors' leadership seminars who want practical ideas for improving their leadership.

Brubaker and Coble have take each concept and make it come alive for the practising leader as a perpetual learner. They provide a range of instructional and learning materials which can be used as a personal guide to the reader, and as tools for training.

Terrence Deal
Foreword by Terrence Deal
About the Authors
Part I: Prelude to Leadership
1. The Power of Vision
2. The Power of Identifying and Using Your Talents
3. The Power of Learning
4. The Power of Competence
5. The Power of Wanting to Be There
6. The Power of Passion
Part II: The Leadership Journey
7. The Power of Hope
8. The Power of Keeping the Fire
9. The Power of Determination
10. The Power of Gratitude
11. The Power of Private Victories
12. The Power of Your Moral Compass
13. The Power of Coaching and Mentoring

"As a former practitioner, I value practical ideas that work. This book captures the essence of how leaders must look inside themselves and then act on the courage of their convictions to stay the course."

Jerry Patterson, Professor of Leadership Studies
University of Alabama at Birmingham

"For those aspiring leaders, the personal anecdotes and self assessments will prepare you for future challenges in a leadership role. If leadership is a journey, this book will assist your first steps."

David Mosrie, Chief Executive Officer
Florida Association of District School Superintendents

"Brubaker and Coble’s ideas about competence are evocative of leadership abilities and skills necessary to lead organizations in ways that contribute to their viability and growth."

Linton Deck, Chair, Department of Educational Leadership
State University of West Georgia

"This work is another example of their insight. It will be of tremendous benefit to anyone wanting to expand their understanding of their own leadership power."

Dick Maxwell, Executive Director
Buckeye Association of School Administrators
Key features
  • Foreword by Terry Deal
  • Authors are highly active presenters.
  • Will cluster well with Barth, Fullan, CCL-2E, and other leadership titles.
  • Rooted in educational leadership, but has tremendous crossover potential for general leadership

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