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Differentiation for Real Classrooms

Differentiation for Real Classrooms
Making It Simple, Making It Work

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November 2009 | 152 pages | Corwin
With their characteristically joyful and conversational tone that celebrates learning and diverse students, Kathleen Kryza, Alicia Duncan, and S. Joy Stephens offer teachers dozens of practical strategies for designing and delivering differentiated lessons to reach all learners.

Differentiation for Real Classrooms: Making It Simple, Making It Work is a ready-to-go resource for creating lessons that allow all students to take in and process new information and teachers to assess their learning. Includes abundant illustrations, vignettes, sample lessons and units, and adaptations for ELLs and students with special needs.

About the Authors
1. Know the Target, Teach for Meaning (C U KAN)
2. Know Your Learners, Reach for Connection
3. Know the Pathways, Chunk, Chew, and Check
4. Chunk or Input
5. Chew or Process
6. Check or Output
7. Pulling It All Together

"Full of good ideas and strategies for differentiation. I like the way the authors emphasize the idea of teaching to a specific benchmark or objective rather than letting the text determine what students do and learn."

Kathie F. Nunley, Educational Psychologist

"In my extensive experience with differentiated education, I have not seen a work on lesson planning that is as compact, concise, and creative as this one."

Joseph Staub, Resource Specialist Teacher
Thomas Starr King Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

"I was relieved to read this book. My faith in our ability to refocus on what good teaching requires is renewed. I will keep this book close as I plan and execute my lessons."

Rosemary Traoré, Assistant Professor of Urban Education
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

“The sample lesson plans are great! Teachers need a guide to assist them in making sure they are differentiating instruction correctly.”

Thea H. Williams-Black, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
The University of Mississippi
Key features
  • Easy-to-read, application-oriented text for novice and preservice teachers on differentiating lessons to reach all learners.
  • Abundant illustrations, vignettes, and examples across grade levels.
  • Adaptations for ESL and special needs students
  • Samples of single lessons, week-long lessons, and lesson units

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