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Developing Community-Empowered Schools

Developing Community-Empowered Schools

First Edition

March 2001 | 128 pages | Corwin

"Very thoughtful and practical, providing well-grounded strategies for effective implementation of community participation."
Gini Doolittle, Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Leadership, Rowan University, New Jersey

Create environments for learning through school-community partnerships!

Burke and Picus make a case for improved learning through school-community partnerships. Drawing from their twenty years of experience working with parents, community volunteers, teachers, and school site administrators, the authors present a concise, easy-to-understand approach to building and working with these powerful alliances.

Developing Community-Empowered Schools is structured to give the reader a clear overview of the necessary components and strategies to understand and develop these critical partnerships. Highlights include:

  • Defining community-empowered schools
  • Assessing your school's strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying stakeholders and their roles
  • Establishing policies and procedures that support school and community partnerships
  • Empowering and training staff for effective school and community partnerships
  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Creating a family literacy program
  • Building community collaborations for added resources
  • Viewing schools as economic solutions to communities
  • Examining the future of community-empowered schools

Handy overheads, training worksheets, sample memos from teachers to students' families, and enough material for a one-day teacher-training workshop make this a practical, accessible, and valuable resource. In addition, in-depth information is provided on how to seek funding to sustain a school-based community program. Developing Community-Empowered Schools is an all-in-one guide and an essential desk-top reference for bringing all stakeholders together to create optimal learning environments.

What Is a Community-Empowered School?
Who Are the Stakeholders?
Policies and Procedures That Support School and Community Partnerships
How to Empower and Train Staff for Effective School and Community Partnerships
Volunteer Strategies to Support Literary Activities
Building Community Collaborations for Added Resources
Schools as Economic Solutions to Communities
The Future of Community-Empowered Schools

"A how-to manual for educators who want to increase community involvement in their schools. The book explains the steps for creating such a (community-empowered) school. It is filled with sample worksheets, checklists, and an entire section on how to train educational staff and volunteers." 

NASSP Bulletin
NASSP Bulletin

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