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Becoming a Better Science Teacher

Becoming a Better Science Teacher
8 Steps to High Quality Instruction and Student Achievement

Foreword by Dave Youngs

June 2006 | 216 pages | Corwin
In this invaluable text for science teachers, Elizabeth Hammerman focuses on helping teachers to expand their understanding of the interconnected elements of high quality curriculum and instruction, and to build those qualities into their own teaching. Readers will be able to analyze their existing curriculum and instruction against indicators related to standards, concept development, materials, strategies, teaching models, all of the necessary elements to bring about in success on standardized measures.

The author identifies ten indicators of high quality science teaching, providing how-to's for applying each in your own classroom and a completed sample unit illustrating the incorporation of all ten essentials. Modelling the inquiry process, each chapter begins with an essential question, provides learning experiences, incorporates pauses in the text for thought and discussion, and closes with a return to the initial question. Throughout the process, the reader gains experience with all the needed components for delivering high quality instruction.

Part 1. Creating a Vision for Science Education
1. On the Shoulders of Giants
2. Defining High Quality Science Teaching
Part 2. Giant Steps to High Quality Teaching
3. The Role of Science Standards
4. Creating a Context for Meaningful Learning
5. Methods, Strategies, and Best Practices for High Quality Instruction
6. Tools for Thinking and Meaning
7. Assessments to Guide Instruction
8. Safe, Supportive and Challenging Environments for Learning
9. Eight Steps to High Quality and Student Achievement

"The major strengths of this book are dealing with standards and making practical connections to assessment and teaching, and the excellent examples throughout and their practicality. A very exciting and user-friendly text."

Gary Willhite, Teacher Educator
Southern Illinois University

"What a treasure! The contents will change the way teachers teach and students learn. This book is a tour de force, a must-read for every educator!"

Marian White-Hood, Principal
Prince George's County Public Schools, Upper Marlboro, MD

"This text is especially strong in the clear, solid approach toward developing high-quality science instruction. It does an exceptional job of relating this step-by-step approach to educational research on science pedagogy."

Diann Musial, Distinguished Teaching Professor
Northern Illinois University

"Gives teachers everything they need to deliver meaningful science instruction and ensure student success and achievement.", August 2006

"Hammerman's recommendations and instructional supports complement current teaching practices across disciplines and grade levels."

Curriculum Connections, Spring 2007
School Library Journal
Key features
  • Sample hands-on inquiry, case study, video study and other models
  • How-to for aligning standards
  • User friendly for k-9 teachers
  • Great resource for vertical or team study groups and professional development
  • Integrates technology
  • Pulls all the pieces together for high quality science teaching

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