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Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom

Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom

Third Edition

June 2001 | 444 pages | Corwin
This step-by-step classic, Blueprints for Achievement in the Cooperative Classroom, embeds the teaching of critical thinking within the cooperative setting to support learning for life, rather than learning just for tests.

Thousands of teachers are currently using the guidelines and sample lessons from this text to apply the tools of cooperative learning and thinking in their classrooms. This updated edition clarifies the role of standards in the assessment process to further support student achievement.

I. Forming
1. Why Bother with Cooperative Learning?
2. How Do I Get Started?
II. Norming
3. How Do I Develop Students' Social Skills?
4. How Do I Create High-Challenge Tasks?
III. Conforming
5. How Do I Expand Thinking in the Classroom?
6. How Do I Build Power Lessons in the Cooperative Classroom?
IV. Storming
7. How Do I Keep Them Thinking in the High-Achieving Classroom?
8. What Happens When They Do Not Agree?
V. Performing
9. How Do I Promote Transfer in the High-Achieving Classroom?
10. What About Grades, Standards, and Test Scores?
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix C: Blacklines

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