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Best Teaching Practices for Reaching All Learners

Best Teaching Practices for Reaching All Learners
What Award-Winning Classroom Teachers Do

March 2004 | 184 pages | Corwin

How are the best teachers in our nation reaching students?

Educators are always challenged to motivate students to learn, working hard to identify learning standards as well as to find creative and meaningful ways of incorporating them into their classrooms. Best Teaching Practices for Reaching All Learners is your guide to how award-winning teachers reach every child and provide what each learner needs to succeed.

Randi Stone's newest best-practice collection takes its cue from the No Child Left Behind legislation, using its theme to create a one-of-a-kind educational resource that provides exciting, insightful classroom strategies from 43 of the best teachers in the country! These ideas cover all areas of your curriculum and all of your learners. You will find:

  • Content strategies for differentiating social studies, reaching reluctant readers, and teaching mathphobic learners and the "scientifically challenged"
  • Innovative methods for reaching at-risk and special learners coping with autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, shyness, poverty, and other challenges
  • Teaching with technology, rubrics, culminating activities, and service learning
  • Using multiple intelligences, learning styles, affinity groups, and reflection in the classroom
  • Reaching students through fine arts, physical movement, humor, and more

All students deserve quality instruction focused on individual needs as well as on the academic standards to which educators are held accountable. Help change your students' attitudes about themselves and their abilities!

About the Author
About the Contributors
1. Language Arts to Reach All Learners
Hometown Hero Ali Hickey and Michael Stanton
Reading the First Day Sharon Lancaster
Using Technology With Struggling Readers and Writers Carla Hurchalla
Using Physical Movement to Motivate At-Risk Students to Read Carla Hurchalla
Educating One Child at a Time Terri L. Boutin
Using Assessment to Drive Instruction Terri L. Boutin
Motivating Middle Schoolers Rochelle Waggenspack
Inspiring a Reluctant Reader Patricia Kammeyer
The Four-Block Literacy Model: Reaching All Learners Kathleen Kessel
Planning for Differentiated Instruction at the High School Level Renee A. Moore
2. Math Techniques to Reach Students
Techniques and Strategies to Help Low Achievers in Mathematics Curt Boddie
Convincing Mathphobics That They Can Be Successful in Math Cynthia Baird and Jennifer Rhawn
Empowering Students to Accept Challenges Wesley Yuu
3. Teaching with Technology
Technology and ADHD Helen F. Melvin
Technology and Shyness Helen F. Melvin
Using Technology to Reach At-Risk Students Laurie Richards
4. Teaching Techniques
Reaching a Child With Asperger Syndrome Cynthia L. Pochomis
For Autism, Consistency Is Essential Linda Hickam
Magic Happens Here Jeannette Lucy
High-End Learners: Providing Support Stephanie Blackburn
Catching a Student Being Good Patricia Kammeyer
5. Science to Reach All Learners
The Big Hole River Education Program Allen R. Bone
Where Does Your Burger Come From? Rebecca J. Baker
Enhancing Curriculum Through a Student Space Program Sue McPherson
Bringing the Outside Into Your Classroom to Reach Students of All Levels Patrick Boehmer
Reaching All Learners: One Approach Loretta Loykasek
Teaching Chemistry-Challenged Students Julie Gaubatz
Using Culminating Activities to Reach All Learners Lorine Lee
The Middle School Means Success Program P. J. Goodwin
An Out of this World Experience! Jennifer Linrud
Addressing Gender Equity Issues Through Alternative Lesson Design Methods David Brock
Using Hands-On Science and Math to Engage All Learners Coleen M. Martin
Using Checkpoints to Increase Compliane Brandy Fenenga
Making Science Come Alive Jim Miller
6. Teaching With Styles
Active Introduction to a New Classroom Vicki L. Richey
Establishing a Schoolwide Club Christine R. Chaney
Using Multiple Intellligences in the Classroom Fran Mulhern
Reaching Special Needs Students Through a Classroom Business Cynthia L. Pochomis
The Use of Service Learning Nancy B. McIver
Humor in the Classroom Marcia Wanous
Life's Unnerving Little Habits Brandy Fenenga
Using Affinity Groups to Promote Professional Development and Enhance School Climate Susan Okeson
Raising Citizens Deni Lynn Lopez
Weekly Reflections Wendy Miller
My Daily Rubric Wendy Miller
7. Reaching All Learners With Social Studies
Differentiated Instruction to Reach All Learners: Geography Lynn Williams
Research-Based Teaching Practices to Reach All Learners Marc Stanke
Differentiated Instruction to Reach All Learners: Economics Marc Stanke
Engaging All Learners in Social Studies Denise L. Carlson
8. Reaching Students Through Fine Arts
When Problems of Poverty Interfere With Schooling: Music as a Path to Success Stephen Lin
Project Van Go: An Art Outreach to Remote and Rural Schools Jennifer Williams

"Regardless of the subject area of instruction or the make up of given classroom, Best Teaching Practices for Reaching All Learners will live up to its title and become a favored reference for any teacher, whether in a primary or public, rural or urban, preschool through high school school setting."

Wisconsin Bookwatch, July 2004
Key features
  • Award-winning Corwin author using a proven popular format
  • Hot topic presented in easy-to-browse segments
  • Award-winning classroom teachers sharing active teacher practices

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