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Jane E. Pollock

coaching, and supervising learning in schools.  Teaching Methods … The i5 Teacher: "Teach critical and creative … Standards, echoing the 1950s when Benjamin Bloom urged teachers to teach

Llewellyn, Douglas

Douglas J. Llewellyn

literacy. Teaching Methods & Learning Styles Curriculum &amp … Inquiry- & Argument-Based Teaching in the Science Classroom … argument-based teaching, constructivist learning, and science leadership. Invite …

Swanson, Kristen

Kristen Nicole Swanson

Pennsylvania.  Curriculum & Content Teaching Methods &amp … Teaching the Common Core Speaking and Listening … strive to explicitly teach our students how to speak and listen. This …

Stern, Julie

Julie Harris Stern

Curriculum & Content Teaching Methods &amp … She partners with schools around the world in transforming teaching and … Teaching Conceptual Understanding, Secondary and Tools for Teaching

Krauss, Jane

Jane I. Krauss

aims. Staff Development & Professional Learning Teaching Methods & Learning Styles Curriculum & Content C80 …

Salinger, Michael

Michael Salinger

Primary/Elementary) Curriculum & Content Teaching Methods &amp …

Thompson, Gail

Gail L. Thompson

Diversity Teaching Methods Cultural … served as Director of the Black Men Teaching (BMT) Program, and supervised …

Keeley, Page

Page D. Keeley

science Determine best methods to assess for specific … internationally in the areas of formative assessment and teaching for conceptual … Presidential Award for Excellence in Secondary Science Teaching in 1992, the …