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Gilmore, Barry

Barry Gilmore

Disciplines: Today, all teachers are expected to teach literacy within their … receive relevant literacy instruction in all classes and teachers understand how best to use literacy in their disciplines.  …

Steineke, Nancy

Nancy H. Steineke

Content-Area Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Collaboration that Make … literacy tasks that complement reading, writing, and speaking; offer student … Content-Area Literacy Practical ELA strategies Brain based …

Blauman, Leslie

Leslie A. Blauman

Implementing the Literacy … workshops and films.She has been teaching reading and literacy in Colorado schools for over 30 years. Literacy Literacy

Daniels, Harvey "Smokey"

Harvey "Smokey" A. Daniels

professor, and now works as a national consultant and author on literacy … has also coauthored four bestselling books on content-area literacyLiteracy Literacy Literacy, K-12 C15 CKJ CQ0 680582 …

Boyles, Nancy

Nancy N. Boyles

organizations across the country. Literacy Common Core Literacy Literacy, K-12 C15 C1H CKJ CQ0 686969 Nancy Boyles …

Akhavan, Nancy

Nancy L. Akhavan

Literacy Early literacyliteracy instruction for all content areas, Helping students … coherence, leadership, literacy and equity. She provides professional learning …

Lent, ReLeah

ReLeah Cossett Lent

Disciplinary Literacy: Deeper Learning Within … scientists use literacy in their respective fields and shows how to teach … language (ELA) Growing Literacy Leaders …

Fisher, Douglas

Douglas B. Fisher

Literacy Intervention Text dependent Questions Literacy in the Content Areas … College. He is the recipient of an IRA Celebrate Literacy Award, NCTE’s …

Frey, Nancy

Nancy Frey

Discipline-Specific Literacies Gradual Release of … The Fisher & Frey PD Collaborative. Literacy English/Language Arts (Middle/High School) Literacy, K-12 C15 CQ7 CQ0 …