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Wade Colwell

Education Youth Voices and Youth Leadership Educational Leadership Environmental Sustainability Environmental Justice … Leadership Conference: This workshop can design and deliver …

Fullan, Michael

Michael Fullan

Turnaround Leadership in Higher Education (with Geoff Scott) won the … Motion Leadership in Action: Michael Fullan provides keynotes on motion leadership, or how to “move” …

Hollins-Alexander, Sonja

Sonja Hollins-Alexander

educational leadership at the school, district and higher education levels … Educational Leadership PLCs Dr. Sonja Hollins-Alexander is …

Brueggeman, Amanda

Amanda Brueggeman

Her education began at Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and then obtained her Master’s from University of Missouri-Columbia in Educational Technology. Amanda just …

Howard, Gary

Gary R. Howard

Equity and Social Justice Multicultural Education … Equity Equality & Diversity Leadership

Lassiter, Cathy

Cathy Lassiter

trust and take risks. In this seminar, four types of courageous leadership will be examined and applied to the most difficult school leadershipleadership actions that are linked to improved student achievement. This …

Flynn, Patrick

Patrick W. Flynn

analysis of educator effectiveness, and c) methods for providing effective … in the areas of transformational leadership, performance management … providing professional development and support to districts and educational

Tepper, Amy

Amy Tepper

educator effectiveness, and c) methods for providing effective feedback, all … actively engaged in Florida high school redesign and career education reform … Connecticut. Administration & Leadership CA0 739173 Tepper, Amy …

Fisher, Douglas

Douglas Fisher

Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Leadership at … Center for the Improvement of Teacher and Education Schooling, Brigham … educator. He is the recipient of an International Reading Association William …

Jean Barbanente

high school district. With over 22 years in public education, Jean has … for special education students, and open access to advanced placement … providing technical assistance in the area of curriculum, special education