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Lent, ReLeah

ReLeah Cossett Lent

English/Language Arts Common Core Literacy Literacy, K-12 CQ1 CKJ CQ0 683300 ReLeah Lent …

Steineke, Nancy

Nancy H. Steineke

co-authored with Harvey Daniels).  Literacy, K-12 CQ0 692092 …

Fisher, Douglas

Douglas Fisher

Middle/High School) Literacy, K-12 C15 CQ7 CQ0 610871 Doug …

Frey, Nancy

Nancy Frey

English/Language Arts (Middle/High School) Literacy, K-12 C15 CQ7 CQ

Appleman, Deborah

Deborah Appleman

Middle/High School) Literacy CQ7 CKJ 687984 Deborah Appleman …

Holbrook, Sara

Sara Holbrook

Middle/High School) Common Core CQ5 C1H 682355 Sara Holbrook …