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Martin Renton

Renton, Martin

Martin Renton is the Managing Director of Challenging Learning, responsible for the outstanding delivery of all long-term development projects.  He is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, leader, facilitator and coach.

Martin’s knowledge of pedagogy and leadership is borne out in his experiences in schools and colleges as a teacher, leader, consultant and coach.  Whilst he is Challenging Learning’s post-16 specialist, his early years experiences as a nanny (2-9 year olds) then as a teacher and leader in middle schools (9-13 year olds), secondary schools (11-18 year old) and colleges (16+) have given him a unique insight into how people learn from the age of 2-adulthood.  Martin uses these insights to challenge, inspire and engage his audiences.

With a Masters Degree in Educational Research from Newcastle University, Martin designs and leads all of Challenging Learning’s evaluation processes.  Martin is also trained in the historic craft of drystone-walling and still labours under the impression that he can play the guitar!